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Quick Burns: How will FC Dallas move on from Mauro Diaz?

Now that he is gone, what is next?

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-FC Dallas at Sporting KC Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The day has finally come for FC Dallas, they’ve sold midfield playmaker Mauro Diaz. While the details and money side of things are likely going to be discussed more in the coming days while it is all still fresh, our staff has decided to look at what is next for the club and how they can move on from Diaz.

Scott Hiney - With Youth

You won’t find many followers of FC Dallas who are as sad as I am to see Mauro go. He brought so much beauty, creativity and success to a once-unremarkable team.

Going forward, though, I think we see Paxton Pomykal feature more often and — at least while he’s here — Kellyn plays further up assuming they don’t find a replacement attacking midfielder this summer. The 4-3-3 becomes very intriguing now and between Barrios, Mosquera and Lamah, the team has some winger options. It’ll be weird for a while, but I think by August a new identity will begin to take shape. If it doesn’t, Oscar will be without a creative spark come the time for a playoff push.

Ben Lyon - In all likelihood, by falling down the table

Opposing MLS teams, Zoo Crew alumni, and cheese ball tech bloggers are cackling with joy today about Mauro leaving. That’s because the best player from the team with the best record in MLS since 2014 is about to get a big payday in the Middle East. It’s a weird alternate universe where a fan of the team thinks this is actually a good thing, but I may just be missing out because I never went to Trump Body Language University. Maybe we can replace him with Ted Eck.

Selling Mauro is purely a business decision; the contract for the player is probably lavish (Good for you, Mauro), and the fee will probably be similar (cost of doing business in a hinterland league). Expecting an improvement from a kid who just graduated high school or a Clavijo special is like expecting your lucky numbers to hit finally in the Powerball- sure, it could happen, but the odds are...not favorable. That fee better be huge, Nando.

Nathan Hill - We won’t. It’s all over. The team will relocate to Austin.

Simply put, Mauro Diaz is a great player. In some ways, he was under appreciated by both his fanbase and MLS at large. When in form, Mauro was one of the best players in Major League Soccer, dazzling with his passing, leadership, and soccer brilliance. In retrospect, FC Dallas got him for cheap, and we saw a stretch of the most successful years this team has ever experienced, competing in all competitions, bringing home two trophies.

I get that he wasn’t always healthy and may not have been the most vocal presence on the field - but man, FCD as a whole was a better team when he was in rhythm.

Losing Mauro is probably a reality with the glut of youngsters coming up, and the need for this team to sell high on some of its investments and start fresh. New academy partnerships hold promise. Roland Lamah has emerged as this team’s new superstar. Promising youngsters wait in the wing, desperately needing minutes. Santiago Mosquera was brought in with the intention to backup Diaz, and so maybe he is the first to get the nod.

Right now, this team has over-performed, and if they can continue to claw together results, should stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. But it’s clear that it may be time for a change. With Nedyalkov and Diaz both moving on, this year could be the intentional reset button to give those youngsters an opportunity to learn like Reggie Cannon is doing.

In short, with Mauro on the way out, an incredible era is over at FC Dallas. In some ways, we won’t move on. FC Dallas will be different. The MLS landscape has already changed. FCD will continue in a journey to discover a new style of play, maybe more flexible, maybe more negative, maybe more pragmatic. We’ll have to wait and see, and be hopeful that better years are ahead for us fans.

Also, I was kidding about the Austin thing. The tacos in Dallas are better anyway.

Jeff Loftin - Remember last season?

If you remember last season - we sucked in the second half. Could not buy a win and when we finally did get a solitary win that was all we could get. I expect more of the same this year, though we may sneak into the playoffs this season. There’s a sense from some that this will mean more minutes for the young guys and maybe it will be but I am not convinced that we will do anything other than slip down the table. Other teams are going to try to improve their teams with additions and it seems as though we are trying to drop salary and drop points.

Etan Cohn - Buy low/sell high

Let me first say that Mauro Diaz has been my favorite player for FC Dallas for several years, and I will sorely miss him. That said, in my opinion, the model of buying young players and selling them for more when they increase in value is not a bad idea for FCD. Mauro Diaz is at a peak in his transfer value right now because of his performances this year, so that is why FCD would sell him.

Losing Diaz could hurt this team a lot, so it is important for FC Dallas to receive a high fee for him so they can reinvest in players.

Jason Poon - With Time

Players come and go in this league. I wished Diaz stayed longer, but it was time. We got the best out of him in 2016, and the team has been playing “will he - won’t he”, in terms of Diaz recapturing that form. It hurts, but like any breakup, time will heal all things.