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East Stand View: Barrios Bonanza

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That guy I always go off on did three things right!

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting KC Peter G. Aiken

Absolutely necessary to start this article with praise to Michael Barrios, especially after going after him in multiple articles over the course of this year. While a loss wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world, especially after a point against away at Houston, it would’ve made for a nervy last three months of the season looking at the standings. Problem was, we hadn’t won in Children’s Mercy Park since Bobby Warshaw was in a Hoops uniform, so a draw was my lofty hope going into this match. The game started at it’s new time and television location after a switch to a primetime slot was made midweek, while it was only a 30 minute slot back, it meant no TXA 21...

Moved to ESPN

The FC Dallas game was moved to ESPN and the time changed to 8pm, replacing the Portland Timbers vs Houston Dynamo game on the primetime slot, and freeing up the time on TXA 21 for them to air a paid programming cooking show. The move in time slot must have been great for Kansas City fans, as it meant later in the day and therefore slightly cooler temperatures in the area. The rest of our home games start at 7pm unfortunately, hopefully we get a nationally televised game that’s moved back an hour over here. Would help with that sweltering heat we keep getting pummeled with most home games.

Kansas City is notoriously not fun for FCD fans to watch our team play an away game at, but an unlikely hero would come to our rescue this time...

Barrios Bonanza!

In the past, this second paragraph would sometimes be used to lay into a few of the players that I felt under performed in the past week’s match, and one of those players targeted has frequently been Michael Barrios. Our Colombian showed up in a big way this game though! He scored three big time goals to give us our first win in Kansas City since 2011. Which is a crazy long time when we play them so often in cup competitions and the regular season. Hopefully he has finally dusted off the cobwebs and can find scintillating form that can help us go for the big prize later in the season!

And finally, your fan quote of the week: “Friendship ended with Diaz. Barrios is new best friend.” Thanks for the laugh /u/clutchy42!

Did any of you watch any of the cooking show that was on TXA 21 during FCD’s time slot? Were you as surprised as I was to pick up the three points in Kansas City? Is Mikey Barrios your new best friend now? Let me know in the comments below!