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Rankings Recap: FC Dallas holds steady in latest polls

FC Dallas doesn’t see a lot of movement this week following their draw in Houston.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Following the first round of the 2018 Texas Derby, FC Dallas saw their latest rankings hold pretty true to what they’ve been over the last couple of months. The 1-1 draw to the Houston Dynamo didn’t sway a lot of voters opinions of the club, but most are talking about the big trade that happened on Monday. (This week: 6, Last Week: 6)

Comment: Interesting that FC Dallas pick up Dominique Badji, a streaky scorer whose game in many ways resembles Maxi Urruti. Will this trade help Oscar Pareja’s group keep hold of first place in the West?

ESPNFC (This Week 6, Last Week 6)

Comment: FC Dallas had its chances on Saturday against Houston but couldn’t take advantage in the first battle of the year for El Capitan. Roland Lamah’s misses prevented FCD from getting the win.

Soccer America (This week: 5, Last week: 2)

Comment: FCD would have taken the three points at Houston but for keeper Joe Willis’ rare double save on Roland Lamah’s penalty kick and follow-up attempt on the rebound of Willis’ initial save. The big news out of Frisco is the trade that sent Kellyn Acosta to Colorado for Dominique Badji.