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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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Later Kellyn.

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Monday was a pretty interesting day with the big trade that went down. Let’s dive straight into that...

// FC Dallas //

Four reasons why FC Dallas is trading Kellyn Acosta to Colorado - Big D Soccer
Trades like this are never easy but there are plenty of reasons to think that this will work well for both sides in the end.

TRADE: FC Dallas acquires Badji from Colorado in exchange for Acosta - Big D Soccer
FC Dallas gets some key assets in the deal including an additional international roster slot and potentially a high draft pick in 2019.

WATCH: All of Dominique Badji’s 2018 Goals - Big D Soccer
The new FC Dallas forward has nearly matched his 2017 output in half the time.

Five Things to Know About New FC Dallas Striker Dominique Badji | FC Dallas
We won't see Badji until the club returns home in August against San Jose as he is getting his green card sorted out.

Warshaw: Acosta-for-Badji trade could be a win-win for FCD, Rapids |
A lot needs to happen for this to be the case but on the surface I think we can all feel good about how this played out.

Kellyn Acosta eager to get started following change-of-scenery trade |
Colorado folks continue to talk about those club options for 2019 and 2020 with Acosta's contract but with a young ambitious guy like Kellyn, do they really think he'll be there for two years?

What does a Colorado move mean for Kellyn Acosta? - ESPN
The ESPN FC crew struggle to wrap their hands around Kellyn Acosta's departure from FC Dallas and question whether Colorado is the right landing spot.

Rapids acquire USMNT midfielder Kellyn Acosta from Dallas; send Dominique Badji in exchange - Burgundy Wave
And more thoughts from the Colorado side of things.

Kellyn Acosta's trade to Colorado a wake-up call for the USMNT midfielder |
The past year has been a disappointing one for Kellyn Acosta, with Monday's trade to Colorado a harsh reminder of how far things have fallen for him

Colorado Rapids captain Tim Howard on Acosta: "Kellyn is genuinely a superstar" | Pro Soccer USA
It is going to be weird seeing him in burgundy and blue but I really do wish the best for him.

FC Dallas: The rise and fall of Kellyn Acosta | Pro Soccer USA
In a way, Kellyn should be in Europe by now but we are reminded here that soccer can be a cruel sport some times.

// MLS //

Rivalries, rumors and rabonas: What you might've missed in MLS Week 21 |
Now that all of the Kellyn trade talk is done, here are some items that may have gone missed over the past weekend.