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East Stand View: Wasted Chance

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Now I understand why we made the trade Sunday.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Triple digit weather made me thank The Maker the match was away for this first of three meetings in 2018 between FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo. Not that the temperatures in the DFW area will be changing to anything reasonable any time soon. Speaking of not changing any time soon, Michael Barrios and Roland Lamah both squandered insanely good opportunities again that could have possibly grabbed three points for the visitors. Marky Mark was back on the call for TXA 21!! That was a welcome return. But first, football lines in July?

It’s July. Football?

Not sure Houston fans can poke fun at our stadium having football lines any more without feeling a ping of hypocrisy. The event that caused those football lines? A sparsely attended flag football final. Sorry Houston fans, that’s really all the ammunition I need for when y’all ever try and poke fun at any football lines FC Dallas has in the future. Which will likely be plenty as Toyota Stadium tends to hold a ton of different events, a good number of them being football.

TXA 21 is has been one of my favorite channels throughout my sports-following life, and a big part of that TXA 21 love comes from my appreciation for Mark Followill. Him and Steve Davis back on the call together was almost like a welcome return to times past. At least it wasn’t nationally televised. Having to listen to the Univision guys or Taylor Twellman would’ve made this game a little less fun.

Lamah and Barrios

Had deja vu writing that heading there, swear I’ve named a paragraph that before. Maybe Tesho was in for one of those names. Either way, our attacking players were absolutely atrocious this game. The build ups were well worked, our passing in the final third looked threatening at times. But when it came to put up or shut up, our attacking players all shut up. Maybe the finishing issue is contagious, starting from one player, passing it along to another, until finally they all can’t score. Then we have our annual summer slump. God, I hope not.

And finally your fan quote of the night: Fan #1 - “Need to start a ‘Goddangit Lamah’ drinking game”. |||||||| Fan #2: “You want a liver transplant? Cause that’s how you get a liver transplant.”

Are Mark Followill and Steve Davis your favorite sports commentators, or do you have a pair you prefer like Tony Romo and Jim Nantz? Do you feel like there is something spreading throughout our attacking corps that is preventing them from finishing? Would your liver be in danger from the Lamah drinking game? Let me know in the comments below!!