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Quick Burns: Why the Texas Derby matters to me

We all hate Houston for one reason or another.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The first edition of this year’s Texas Derby is nearly here as FC Dallas is getting ready to take on the Houston Dynamo this weekend.

As we begin to prepare for it ourselves, our staff reflects on why this derby matters to them and why they truly dislike Houston in the process. Let us know your Houston-hate below in the comments section and why this rivalry matters to you as well.

Scott Hiney - Channel the Hate

In my life, and especially in these times, I find it very important to show love first and only. That being said, I do also believe in “stress-relievers.” Whether it be a foam ball you squeeze after a conversation with that person or a bag of Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream chips that says “family size” yet you’re able to down in one sitting, it’s important to have a release.

Rivalries are a MAJOR release for people — or at least they are for me. I’m legally required to constantly carry disdain for the universities of Oklahoma State and Texas as an Oklahoma Sooner. I would be failing my community if I didn’t wish 0-16 seasons upon the Eagles, Giants and Redskins. I’m only a shell of myself when I’m not scowling at the Spurs and Rockets’ successes.

It’s no different for the Texas Derby. Houston is, by nature, an armpit. It’s humid, smelly, not renown for being home to anything worthwhile — especially not the Dynamo. I need the Texas Derby because each summer that hate builds up, looking for a release, and, to my pleasure, a team in gawdy, obnoxious orange shows up and allows me the opportunity to open that release valve.

Jeff Loftin - Two Reasons

First and foremost - winning is better than losing. I hate losing more than just about anything and losing to Houston is about the worst team to lose to in any sport, let alone our beloved game of soccer. We need to win and win in comfortable fashion, no more blowing a lead late again as that is wholly unacceptable.

Secondly, Houston sits right on the Gulf - which is basically a large toilet. If the Gulf is a toilet then what sits ominously just above a toilet? I will let you use your imagination...and sorry to my extended family in the GHA but if we are honest with ourselves then we can all agree that Dallas is just so, so, so much better in just about every imaginable way.

Winning and Houston sucking, that is why the Texas Derby matters.

Jason Poon - Three Points

To be honest, in terms of on the field, I don’t view Houston as a rival anymore. This derby holds as much importance to me as any match would: three points on the road against a conference foe is absolute gold.

They inherited a good team, rode that roster to two MLS Cups and since then have won.... MLS Fair Player Award in 2017? I dunno. I honestly can’t remember them winning anything of substance since 2007. They were a rival a decade ago, but they’re not really one now. They’re more like a pesky fly. Generally annoying, but overall pretty harmless.

Jared Tilley - Bragging Rights

Like many of us who live in DFW, we have friends who are from Houston. Overall, they are nice people but like us, they are irrationally stubborn towards their sports team. I have a buddy who is an average MLS fan at best, but anytime we talk about our two clubs, he let’s me know how Houston has won two MLS Cups. He didn’t watch the games when they were winning and to be fair, neither did I. The fact that he tries to hold that over my head drives me insane. Especially considering that ever since I’ve been following MLS (since 2010) Houston hasn’t been very good.

In fact, minus the match in 2016, where they destroyed us like 5-0, we have more or less dominated the series. Sure, because of tiebreaks they have kept the cannon, but that certainly hasn’t told the story of what’s been happening on the field. For example, FC Dallas and Houston tied all three games last year. Dallas dominated the majority of those matches but weren’t able to close them out. Also, Houston got some crazy lucky goals last year to even tie those games (especially in the last game in Frisco where the ball was deflected in the box and chipped the keeper, went off the post and into the net).

I’m tired of hearing this narrative that Houston and Dallas are teams that are pretty close in talent. Dallas has been the more dominate team over the last 5 years. Since 2013, Dallas has totaled 302 points in the league where as Houston has managed to get only 242. These two teams aren’t on the same level and honestly haven’t been for some time.

I want to Dallas to win every time we play Houston for the simple fact that we are the better team and also to remind our little friends to the south their place in the pecking order.