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FC Dallas vs. Los Angeles: Player Ratings

Two different opponents, two different locations, two different player ratings, same results.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas played two matches last week, against the two Los Angeles teams. We’ll show you the player ratings for both matches.

FC Dallas vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

FC Dallas travelled to LA to take on the Galaxy, and came home with three massive road points. FCD was in control for the better part of the match, and were up 3-1 when a questionable red card against Colman, forced FC Dallas to sweat out a 3-2 win.


Jesse Gonzalez (7.6) - You may think that the rating looks rather high, considering two goals were conceded, and Jesse received a yellow card for time wasting. Jesse actually had a very good game, and despite the late game difficulties, he finished with five saves, two crosses intercepted, and four punches.

Maynor Figueroa (7.4) - Maynor was forced to start in the center, due to Matt Hedges being out on card accumulation. Let’s just say that Fig answered the call with gusto, and was down right beastly out there. Fig finished with a team leading 10 clearances, three tackles, three interceptions, three blocked shots, three aerials won, had one shot on goal, and 78.9% passing.

Reto Ziegler (6.6) - Reto was solid on the night, and was not tested to the extent that Fig was. He finished with seven clearances, two interceptions, two blocked shots, one aerial won, and 83.7% passing.

Reggie Cannon (6.6) - Reggie like Reto, was not challenged to the extent that the players on the left side of the backline were. He finished with two tackles, five clearances, and had 90.9% passing.

Ryan Hollingshead ( 8.4), Man of the Match - Ryan got the start at left back, in place of the injured Anton Nedyalkov. Ryan wasted little time in proving there would be no drop off at the position, and scored the opening goal, following this beautiful display of team passing:

He would later add an assist, and would also have what could be viewed as a three point saving clearance:

Ryan’s stats, say it all:

Carlos Gruezo (7.0) - Carlos has been asked to play higher this season, and it has clearly affected his defensive prowess. In this match Gruezo, who is normally a defensive pillar for FCD, was tasked with getting forward and being more of a linking player between the defenders and the attackers. It payed off big for Gruezo, who would finish with 90% passing, and two shot attempts on goal, including what would be his first goal in an FCD uniform:

Victor Ulloa (7.1) - Vic was tasked with defending the backline, and he was up to task. Ulloa finished with one tackle, four interceptions, five clearances, one aerial won, 89.7% passing with one key pass.

Kellyn Acosta (6.8) - Acosta had a solid start, and while he was not a difference maker, he was everywhere FCD needed him the most. Kellyn finished with one tackle, one interceptions, one shot attempt, two key passes, he beat three defenders on the dribble, and had 87.5% passing.

Michael Barrios (7.0) - Barrios continues to terrorize opposing defenses, despite his inability to score. His dangerous one man runs, help keep defenses back on their heels, and it was his marauding shot attempt in the second half, that got deflected and lead to the match winning goal by Carlos Gruezo. Barrios finished with one shot on goal (three attempts), one key pass, he beat one defender on the dribble, won one aerial, attempted two crosses, and had 79.2% passing.

Mauro Diaz (6.9) - Mauro had an assist on the Hollingshead goal, and finished with two key passes, one completed cross on two attempts, one aerial won, and 85.7% passing.

Cristian Colman ( 7.4) - Colman got the start at Center Forward in the 4-3-3, and had a night to remember. Colman was dangerous all night, and finally broke through to give FCD a 2-0 lead:

Colman was having the best game by any player not named Hollingshead, but started cramping late in the match, which lead to this chaotic scene:

Colman was sent off with a red card, that should have been reversed by VAR. Somehow that did not happen, and FC Dallas was forced to finish the night with only 10 men. The red card, would be rescinded later in the week.


Roland Lamah (6.2) - Roland came on in the 89th minute to offer defensive help. Defending is not something Lamah is known for, but he delivered, as he finished with two aerials won, one interception, and one clearance.

Santiago Mosquera (6.3) - Santi came on in the 75th minute, and provided solid minutes in the attack. He finished with one tackle, one shot attempt (on a breakaway, that he couldn’t finish), and 100% passing.

Jacori Hayes (6.2 ) - Jacori came on in the 69th minutes, and had two tackles, and 66.7% passing.


Oscar Pareja (7.2) - Pareja made all the right calls, and even though the team was struggling at the end, they dominated for the first 80 minutes.

FC Dallas vs. Los Angeles FC

FC Dallas hosted the high flying expansion side in punishing three digit weather. FC Dallas would leave the field with a hard fought 2-1 victory.


Jesse Gonzalez (6.4) - On this night, Jesse looked a little shaky in the net. Jesse only had two saves, and allowed one goal. Jesse was particularly bad at passing out of the back, and finished with poor 61.3% passing accuracy. The low score I should add, is more a result of Jesse really not facing too many threats on the night.

Matt Hedges (6.6) - Matt really did not have much to do on defense tonight, as he finished with one tackle, one interception, three clearances, one aerial won, one shot on goal, and 79.3% passing.

Reto Ziegler (7.0) - Reto had zero defensive actions on the night, but made up for it, with this beauty:

Well, zero defensive actions is not entirely correct, as he did win two aerials, and managed two shot attempts (including the goal).

Reggie Cannon (6.8) - Reggie, much like the rest of the backline, had very little to deal with from the LAFC attack, and finished with two tackles, one interception, one clearances, one key pass, one shot attempt, he beat two defenders on the dribble, one cross completed, and had 80.7% passing.

Ryan Hollingshead ( 7.4) - Ryan continued his excellent play from midweek, getting his second assist of the week on the Roland Lamah goal. Ryan would finish with two tackles, two interceptions, one clearance, two aerials won, one key pass, he beat two defenders on the dribble, and had 81.8% passing. Ryan earned a spot on the MLS Team of the Week, for his two match performance.

Carlos Gruezo (6.8) - Carlos continued his solid play, finishing with three tackles, two clearances, he commited three fouls (one yellow card), won one aerial, beat twodefenders on the dribble, had twoshot attempts, and 82.4% passing.

Kellyn Acosta (6.3) - Acosta was rather quiet on the night, with two tackles, one interception, one shot attempt, he beat one defender on the dribble, and had 80% passing.

Mauro Diaz (7.7), Man of the Match - Mauro had one of his best all around games in an FCD uniform. Mauro was involved in everything FC Dallas did, and finished with four tackles, one clearance, he commited one foul, had two shot attempts, had seven key passes, beat two defenders on the dribble, completed five crosses on seven attempts, and had 83.7% passing. Mauro earned a spot on the MLS Team of the Week, for his two match performance.

Roland Lamah (7.6) - Roland continues to be one of the biggest difference makers for FC Dallas this season, and nowhere is he more dangerous than at home. Roland would score his team leading (tied with Urruti) 6th goal of the season on this beautiful play:

Roland would finish with one goal, one clearance, one tackle, one interception, two shot attempts (one goal), one key dribble, he beat one defender on the dribble, won one aerial, and had 81% passing.

Santiago Mosquera (7.2) - Santi had a solid all around game, finishing with three tackles, three key passes, he beat two defenders on the dribble, had one shot on goal, and 73.3% passing.

Maxi Urruti (7.2) - Maxi had a team high five shot attempts, but simply could not break through:

He finished with 84.2% passing, and also pitched in on defense with two tackles, and one interception.


Victor Ulloa (6.3) - Vic came on in the second half, and helped stabilize what was starting to look like a tired team. He was one of two subs, that quickly helped FCD regain control of the match.

Michael Barrios (6.4) - Michael offered fresh legs in the attack, and helped keep LAFC from committing too many players forward,

Jacori Hayes ( 6.2) - Jacori also came in and offered fresh legs on a sweltering hot day, to help FCD close out the match.


Oscar Pareja (7.0) - Pareja made simple in game adjustments, and timed his substitutions correctly, as the team earned three hard fought points.