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East Stand View: Feels Like 112 Degrees

It took 3 numbers to tell you the temperature on Saturday.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought the afternoon games earlier in the season were scorchers, this home game had to have topped all of them in terms of being a sweat producer. Los Angeles FC were in Frisco for the first time in their history as a franchise, but unfortunately (or fortunately) they didn’t have many of their star players with them for their inaugural visit. It seemed like El Matador and the Beer Garden had a little something planned for the game. Post game fireworks made for a spectacle and are always a fun treat to see after a game, but still had to deal with that heat...

“Feels like 112”

For the first 20 or some odd minutes of the game, sitting on the eastern side of the stadium was not too much fun. The sun was bearing down with the humidity contributing a nasty amount of moisture into the air that sent temperatures even higher. The bodily precipitation was absolutely off the charts this evening, with any cloud passing over the sun a blessing to us all. I can’t even imagine how hot it must’ve felt to the players during the game. It seemed to have kept a good portion of the crowd away but, on the bright side, a larger than expected number came out to the match. The heat seemed to have an effect on the number of people that felt like staying for the fireworks as well. Namely myself, as I watching a portion from my parked car instead of remaining outside. Can’t blame me for wanting AC!

“Go Dallas Go!”

This chant is actually catching on around the stadium! The two supporter groups in the supporter’s section miraculously synchronized up for a bit and had a good portion of the stadium joining in with this easy to remember chant. I always feel like, as a vast majority of fans that attend matches in Frisco are of the casual variety, the simpler the chant the quicker fans can catch on and eventually begin to join in on a regular basis. Like the Icelandic “Hoops” viking chant we do every so often that I still dislike. Just really wish we’d get the Hollingshead chant out more often. Just for my own benefit. Like, 5 times a game minimum.

The Dallas Beer Guardians and El Matador also had some streamer fun before the beginning of the match. Not sure if FC Dallas clean up crews expected it, or if they expected the number of streamers to be thrown onto the pitch, but man were they all along the north side of the field. Over the goal, from corner flag to corner flag. Had to get the security and clean up crews a little pre-game warm up as well right?

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “It looks like you can, indeed, flim flam the Zim Zam.” Walker was indeed flim flam’d this night. Even though I did enjoy his goal for the national team against Bolivia, that was fun to watch.

How much water weight do you figure you shed during the game this past Saturday? Were you sitting outside of the supporter’s sections and getting into the chants? Did you stay for the fireworks after the game? Let me know in the comments below!