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East Stand View: Terrible Day

Just a terrible day for FC Dallas fans.

MLS: FC Dallas at New York Red Bulls Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

There had to be a humbling match to show us that our league standing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and New York seems to be our Achilles heel this year. Our only other league loss was also in New York, but to the blue side of the city. With World Cup action getting us up early, FC Dallas coming on later in the day had me waking up from a nap and feeling sluggish, like the team we saw on the field. UniMas and Twitter were showing the game this time around, unfortunately. Not like it helped with the pathetic performance our boys showed...

Not Our Day

Everyone has their bad day at the office, and FC Dallas fans are familiar with our team inexplicably getting completely annihilated every now and again even when our league standing suggests that it should’ve been a little bit closer. Our team looked the part too, completely devoid of ideas, insanely sluggish, probably one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen them play. Playing against 10 men no less! Not sure if the team stayed out the night before, maybe seeing the sights in New York, maybe they went to the Comedy Cellar, or ate a bad batch of street hot dogs possibly. Hoping the lethargic performance isn’t what we see this Friday in Minnesota, we should look for a possible reaction from FCD in that match.

It Just Gets Worse

It wasn’t just the performance from the team that was not fun. Earlier in the day, fans were caught off guard with the bitter news that our very own Bulgarian Barbarian, Anton Nedyalkov, had permanently transferred back to his home country and wouldn’t be a part of our team going forward. He looked a good signing until his injury, then this happened, it was a short six months unfortunately.

If that news wasn’t enough, the game for the evening was to be broadcasted on UniMas and Twitter (using the UniMas broadcast). I’ve said in the past I’m an advocate for streaming sports online, and UniMas is hearing the call for sure, but that’s the only positive I can give them for the evening. I believe next week, since it’s a Friday game, might also be on UniMas. Curious to see if we get the Twitter stream again for cable cutters.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “UniMas couldn’t be worse if they tried. So FCD are right at home on this network.” Oh man, this hurts. The truth hurts.

How do you cope with games like this, where FC Dallas gets absolutely crushed beyond reason? How do you like the UniMas broadcast? Ready to look past this one, or want to vent about the embarrassment we just witnessed? Let me know in the comments below!