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FC Dallas vs New York Red Bulls: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

Another loss on the books in New York for FC Dallas.

FC Dallas is now 0-2 on the year in New York as they fell on Saturday 3-0 to the New York Red Bulls.

FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Pareja

On tonight’s match...

First of all, congratulations to New York. I think that they played a remarkable game because playing with 10 men and being able to hold the result that they did in the game and put out that competition for us was very good. And for us, very frustrating. We had the opportunity to level the game when we were one man up and also we had some opportunities to create counters on them. Tonight wasn’t the day. We just have to accept it, learn from this experience that is very sour and we’ll see. As I said to the players, when we have the desire to put them in the field and try to do the things that the coaches assigned for you to do, you have to walk up and review. The players tried to do it, but today wasn’t the day where things came together.”

On not matching New York’s intensity...

I’ll say that it was noticeable in the game, They had a lot of energy, and for some reason we couldn’t match that. We have many parts of the game where we could’ve done a better job on that part, but we couldn’t. As I said, it was a night to forget and just learn and review and see what happened. Today we didn’t look good.

On Kellyn’s first-half substitution...

We had the advantage of one man and we wanted to move forward. We decided to go with three midfielders in the middle. When we went one man up, we wanted to add another forward and we wanted to sacrifice one of those midfielders, and in this case, it was Kellyn...Kellyn has been getting back into his rhythm [since his injury]. We are trying to add minutes and to give him a chance to recover and be himself. Today was more tactical, just to add another forward instead of having the three midfielders.

On Kellyn’s frustration coming off...

I understand the players. We all get frustrated. Especially in a situation like this. This moment is when they need us the most, especially as a leader. Today, what happened in the game that upset us, the first analysis has to come from us. Especially from me. With the players knowing that, with Kellyn was just frustrated is normal. Kellyn gives his heart for this team. I know the pain that he has and his frustration not being able to help in the moment, but Kellyn is fine.

Defender Ryan Hollingshead

On tonight’s match...

Not a good team performance for us. We came out sluggish and they were able to capitalize on an early goal. We were pushing to get the game back and we just weren’t ourselves tonight.