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East Stand View: Blue Heck

Name a worst place for FCD to go than Kansas City.

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-Sporting KC vs FC Dallas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Good thing the audio finally came on for the stream, so I could listen to this unfortunate US Open Cup defeat to the Kansas City Wiz. Going into Kansas City is possibly my least favorite thing that FC Dallas has to do at least once per season. The game wasn’t on TXA 21 this time, it was being streamed through the interwebs from both team’s web sites. It remained to be seen how we’d do in Kansas City, even if I had a good idea of how it would go, still had to watch and see from the comfort of the couch...

US Soccer Stream

This game was being streamed through the US Soccer website, with a pair of commentators that for the most part were pretty impartial towards both teams. Of course we couldn’t hear a word they were saying until a couple of minutes right before kick off as audio did not begin until the match seemingly began. Other than the delayed audio, everything else about the stream ran fairly smoothly, with proper full screen only seemingly being available on FC Dallas’ stream site for some odd reason. Not that it comforted the experience of our team’s losing effort that began to unfold on the stream.

Blue Heck.

Hecking heck. Kansas City is hands down my least favorite place for FC Dallas to go to in terms of visiting MLS teams. It’s not an issue with their fans, who always seem to show up no matter the weather or the occasion, and it’s not cause I dislike the city of Kansas City I’m sure it’s great. Just can’t remember the last time a trip to SKC where we came out with a positive result. FCD can even look good over there, which we did for some portions of the game, but it’s like the Gods of soccer just always have something else in store for us.

Also, what’s our problem with getting yellow cards for dumb reasons? Mainly from time wasting, it has to be something the team just started doing in a inter-squad competition of who can get yellows for dumb things then laugh about it in training sort of thing? Lamah’s yellow and Barrios’ yellow were just plain silly. Not sure the yellows have actually helped us to this winning record though. I’m sure the case can be made that we’ve been fine so far this season with the antics. Just, first half time wasting? Really?

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “reports of the beer being all gone in the cauldron already... these are dark times”. SKC fan reporting their supporters section had ran out of beer. They may have the victory, but at least we know they experienced it with less alcohol than they’d prefer.

What is your least favorite place FC Dallas has to go and visit and why? Did you like the US Soccer stream, or did you find it lacking? How do you feel about the silly yellows we seem to keep accumulating week after week? Let me know in the comments below!