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East Stand View: VAR Helped!

For once the fancy new system helped us out.

MLS: Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It was a hot day, not as hot as last week, and felt pretty nice if you were in shorts and a t-shirt. Montreal Impact were coming into town in what many expected to be a comfortable win for the home boys. Attendance was not in the best shape this game, with Montreal not being as big of a draw as the LA teams and others with more star power. FC Dallas was favored for the match, but they got a boost this game from an unlikely source. The lone construction worker showed up, but another game goes by with Mickey Barrios not really showing up unfortunately...

East Stand Population & Barrios

Oh man, if there was a game to get seats at a nice price it was definitely this game, especially on the east side of the stadium. Was expecting the attendance to not be too good, but figured people would want to see the team since the next time they’re in town is for the July 4th game. The sun was beaming down until a little into the second half. On the bright side (get it?) it wasn’t as hot as the past few games in the stadium.

Unfortunately, the shine didn’t for our love-able Colombian winger Michael Barrios. It’s been a long season for our speedy winger, as he hasn’t been able to put much into the back of the net. He’s tied for second most shots on goal for the team (trailing only Maxi Urruti at 19) but has zero goals to show for it. Hoping he catches his form from past years, we could use the boost if Santiago Mosquera is missing any time.

VAR helped!

In what is normally a very aggravating nemesis that usually foils our plot of winning soccer games, it was surprising that a goal was reviewed and VAR ruled in favor of us. It was hard to tell what happened, and was a little anti-climatic compared to them just giving it on the initial scoring play. But a goal is a goal, and being up that early was surprising and promising. It got even better when the ref decided to reward Urruti for his fall in the box with a penalty. There was some relief of anxiety to be had being two goals up. Also, the Super Mario music for the goal was pretty dang awesome. Mauro doesn’t score much for us, he’s second in assists actually, but when he does score we get sweet music.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Is Barrios dating a Kardashian by any chance? I feel like he’s dating a Kardashian.” A friend suggesting that Barrios’ goal drought is down to the Kardashian curse.

Were you surprised that VAR actually helped us out instead of ruining our day? Do you think Michael Barrios is dating a Kardashian, or possibly has a voodoo hex on him? Or is he just going through a rough patch that’ll end soon? Let me know in the comments below!