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Talking Points- FC Dallas Top LA Galaxy 3-2

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VAR is getting frustrating, isn’t it?

MLS: FC Dallas at Los Angeles Galaxy Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After beating the MLS Cup holders, Toronto FC last Friday, FC Dallas have a short week flying out to the city of Angels to take on Sigi Schmid and LA Galaxy. The game was quite intense, goals from Ryan Hollingshead, Cristian Colman, and Carlos Gruezo; some shaky VAR and an unreasonable amount of added time.

Hollingshead had an immense 90 minutes

The California native got his first start of the season Wednesday night deputizing at left back in place of the injured Anton Nedyalkov, and his versatility has shown once again. It started in the 33rd minute where HoHead, Victor Ullola, and Mauro Diaz were involved in a beautiful team goal.

The gif explains itself, poetry in motion for Pareja’s side. Later on in the first half, Hollingshead would assist Colman’s headed goal. This was very reminiscent of 2016 when he mainly featured at right back, the ability to run down the wing, playing the ball around players and beating them to it and sending the ball in for a cross.

He didn’t just contribute to the attack, he played hero in a very Zach Loyd-esque goal line clearance in the 63rd minute.

VAR has not been good for MLS

I know, this is hardly a hot take; VAR is one of the most controversial topics in MLS today. The latest addition: Cristian Colman. Sure, FC Dallas has been using time wasting tactics, whether or not the Paraguayan was actually cramping up is a discussion for another day. Michael Ciani was not having any of it as Colman went down for the second time in a short time frame, as he was about to be subbed out for Maximiliano Urruti. Ciani pulled him and and was trying to stir up some trouble, where Colman’s hand “went up in the facial area”. By the rule, intentional contact to the face is a straight red.

VAR was created to eliminate these controversial decisions, as fouls that are straight reds are allowed for video review. Okay, by these rules, if Colman gets a straight red, where is the red for Ciani when he elbows Kellyn Acosta in the face in plain sight of the referee? At the very least he should’ve given a yellow for unsportsmanlike conduct. I just cannot see VAR improving anytime soon.


Who doesn’t like records? FC Dallas is now the fifth club in MLS history to reach 100 away wins.