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Quick Burns: How does FC Dallas regroup after their first loss?

It wasn’t a pretty loss by any stretch, so how does Oscar Pareja handle it?

MLS: FC Dallas at New England Revolution Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Any loss over the course of the season is never easy to deal with but the first one is typically one that makes you think a little more. That is certainly the case for FC Dallas as their six-game unbeaten run to begin the 2018 season came to an end last Sunday against New York City FC.

Our staff has come together to discuss what they think the team needs to do following the first loss of the season. Let us know what you think Oscar Pareja and company need to do below in the comment section.

Jeff Loftin - Back to Basics

The team just needs to get back to the basics of communication and effort. Lapses in both of those facets cost them this past weekend in New York. I will not even get into the tactical decisions and choices made by Papi because that is a fruitless exercise in venting. The basics are: defend with effort, communicate properly, and protect the ball. If the team can do those things then they will be just fine. I would like to see Mauro get a start again as it seems as though Pareja is enamored with the 4-4-2 at the moment and we need to shake it up a bit. Avoid getting stuck into a routine of the same things over and over and we should be just fine.

Jason Poon - Keep it simple

I’d go back to bringing Maximiliano Urruti and Mauro Diaz off the bench against LAFC. Get Cristian Colman paired up with either Tesho Akindele or Roland Lamah up top, flank them with Michael Barrios and Santiago Mosquera, and just let them run. The frantic pace suits this team well right now.

Nathan Hill - Keep Experimenting

Changing something drastically is probably overreacting. The back line still needs time to figure things out, and you hope that Ziegler’s mistakes were just part of his learning curve and adjustment to the league. Offensively, this team has a lot of workable pieces, but it doesn’t seem like that clear starting 11 has emerged yet. Pareja needs to keep trying to help this squad figure out their best formation and lineup. Part of that is getting Kellyn Acosta back on the field. Who will he slot next to, Jacori Hayes or Carlos Gruezo? Who do you start opposite Roland Lamah, Barrios or Mosquera? Do you give Maxi Urruti another start or let Cristian Colman keep figuring things out? Answer the long term questions and the short term issues will solve themselves.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Don't Overreact

FC Dallas fell to a good NYCFC team on a field equivalent to the size of a Wylie backyard. I think the team created good chances and the focus truly needs to be on finishing those chances. In the meantime, get back to what they were doing previously on defense (no mental lapses) and they should be fine.

Jose Carmona - Just minor tweaks

I like what the team has been doing, so keep it going, and make some minor changes. I'd like to see more of the 4-4-2, with Diaz as one of the two central midfielders. To make it work, you have to start Gruezo next to him. Keep Lamah and Mosquera on the wings, and pair Colman up top with Barrios. The attacking options off the bench would then be Urruti, Acosta, Hayes. This would be an ultra fast lineup, that can quickly punish LAFC for any mistakes that they make.