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East Stand View: Everyone Time Wastes

Let’s talk about something everyone does.

MLS: FC Dallas at Toronto FC Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty incredible weather on a slightly breezy Friday night in DFW, any patio showing the game had to have gotten at least a couple of fans out there to watch it. Wanted to make it to the watch party hosted by the team but life can be hectic and had to settle for a combo of tv/radio. Jesse Gonzalez stood on his head this entire game with a man of the match performance! Cheering him on were two FC Dallas supporters that made the journey up to our northern neighbors. They got to witness what might be described as one of the most epic time wasting MLS has seen so far this season...

“Everybody Does It”

“Maybe you should too”, as Reel Big Fish would say. Not but seriously, you know every professional team does it, even the champions of Europe time waste. Teams that won the World Cup time wasted. Sure, looking back at the five yellow cards FC Dallas received during the course of the second half might indicate we might’ve over done it. FCD paid their dues in the form of yellow cards. In your heart of hearts you know if Toronto was winning they’d time waste too, literally every team does it. Find me a professional soccer team that doesn’t time waste when in a winning position, have some decent proof, and I’ll buy you a beer sometime in the future.

Jesse & The Fans!

Did Jesse have the performance of his life or what? Jimmy Maurer might’ve had the double save of the season, but Jesse definitely put in a highlight reel performance on his own birthday no less. You could see the hunger of wanting to grab a hold of the starting position in his play that night, and possibly the hunger of the nice birthday cake awaiting him post game. We needed all his saves and his time wasting skills to pull the win out of Canada.

Speaking of being in Canada, FC Dallas had two away fans that made the trek to Canada for the game! Those brave souls stood up to what are most likely the nicest MLS supporters and got “shushed” on more than one occasion, or so I heard.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “I’m half way through not being murdered by the friendlist of soccer fans. #onegoalup #dtid” - Jason Warren @Extempaholic

How did you feel about the time wasting clinic that FC Dallas put on towards the end of the game? Ever travel afar to watch our boys in action? Do you think Jesse has comfortably won his starting spot back from Jimmy? Let me know in the comments below!