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FC Dallas vs. Toronto FC: Player Ratings

FC Dallas travelled north, and returned with three points.

MLS: FC Dallas at Toronto FC Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas travelled to Toronto FC, and got a huge 1-0 win. Through tough defense, good luck, and an amazing goalkeeping display, FC Dallas prevailed. Some players had an excellent game, but some did not. Let’s see how everybody faired.

For rating purposes, 6 will be considered an average MLS performance.


Jesse Gonzalez (9.1), Man of the Match - On his 23rd birthday, Jesse Gonzalez put on a goalkeeping display:

In his first MLS start of the season, Jesse was both amazing and lucky, on his way to a nine save performance. Some people were not happy with Jesse’s time killing antics at the end of the match, but that still does little to take away from what was an amazing performance.

Matt Hedges (6.1) - Matt didn’t have a bad defensive game per se, but he did almost cost FC Dallas:

Hedges finished with one tackle, eight clearances, two blocked shots, three fouls (one yellow card), one aerial won, and 81.8% passing.

Reto Ziegler (7.4) - Reto returned to the starting lineup with a very fine performance. Reto finished with three interceptions, nine clearances, one blocked shot, and 81.5% passing.

Reggie Cannon (7.0) - Reggie continues to be one of the best young fullbacks in MLS, and he had another strong defensive performance against Toronto FC. In the first half, Toronto concentrated their attack on Reggie’s side of the field, and Reggie was more than up to the task. Reggie finished with five tackles, four interceptions, two clearances, and 88.9% passing.

Maynor Figueroa (6.8) - Maynor started on the left side in place of the injured Nedyalkov, and rebounded from last weeks dreadful performance. Maynor finished with one tackle, four interceptions, four clearances, one aerial won, and 80.7% passing.

Victor Ulloa (6.8) - Vic started as the defensive midfielder in the middle of the 4-3-3, and focused mostly on defending. Vic struggled with his passing (67.7%), but had an otherwise fine defensive game, as he finished with two tackles, two interceptions, seven clearances, one blocked shot, and one foul committed.

Kellyn Acosta (6.6) - Acosta continues to return to form, and had at least a strong first half showing. Acosta was replaced in the 72nd minute, as FC Dallas looked to take a more defensive posture. Kellyn would finish with an assist on the winning goal, two shot attempts, one interception, one clearance, 77.8% passing with two key passes.

Jacori Hayes (6.8) - Jacori had a very balanced performance against Toronto FC, switching back and for seamlessly between offense and defense. On defense, Jacori had three tackles, two interceptions, one clearance, and one foul committed. On offense, Jacori had one shot attempt, two key passes, and 87.5% passing.

Michael Barrios (7.1) - It’s hard to believe that Michael had a good game, after seeing maddening plays such as this:

Just one of three missed scoring opportunities for Barrios. Still, Mikey’s threatening runs gave Toronto fits, and kept them unbalanced throughout. Michael finished with two shots on goal in three attempts, completed one cross, beat four defenders on the dribble, had three key passes, and 85.7% passing.

Santiago Mosquera (6.4) - Santi is perhaps deserving of a higher score, but beside having a huge key pass on the winning goal, he struggled with his offensive passing throughout (65.4%) and had just one shot attempt. Santi does continue to show good defensive skills, as he finished with two tackles, two interceptions, and one clearance.

Maxi Urruti (7.1) - Maxi


Roland Lamah (6.3) - Roland is a player that isn't known for his defense, yet he pitched in nicely on defense, finishing with one tackle, one interception, and one clearance.

Carlos Gruezo (5.9) - Carlos came on to kill off the match, but struggled to get into the rhythm of the match.

Mauro Diaz (5.7) - Mauro was an odd choice as a substitute to kill off a match, as he provided zero help on defense, and was unable to maintain any form of possession.


Oscar Pareja (7.1) - Pareja’s decision to go with the 4-3-3 formation right off the bat, payed off hugely on the road. Shaking up the starting lineup, and having three of your regular starters coming off the bench to help finish the match, was also a game winning decision.