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FC Dallas vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: Player Ratings

After what can only be called a disappointing result at home, how did the players rate?

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas hosted Vancouver, and dominated most of the match. FC Dallas had a 2-0 lead, heading into the final 10 minutes of the match, and then fell completely apart. FC Dallas had to settle for a 2-2 draw, after a PK at the death, tied the match up.

For rating purposes, 6 will be used to rate an average MLS performance.


Jimmy Maurer (5.5) - Jimmy did everything he could, to hand Jesse back his job. Jimmy had no saves, and was responsible for this mess:

That foul would earn Jimmy a yellow, and handed Vancouver a PK at the death:

After allowing only three goals in the first six matches of the season, Jimmy and the FCD defense have now allowed eight goals in the last four matches. Nobody will be surprised if Jesse is starting Friday against the defending champs.

Matt Hedges (6.6) - Matt had a solid match, finishing with three interceptions, three clearances, two blocked shots, one aerial won, and one foul that led to a yellow card. With Zeto Zeiger missing this match, Hedges needed to have an even bigger game than this.

Maynor Figueroa (6.2) - Maynor was actually in the midst of having a pretty solid fill-in performance for Ziegler, when this happened:

Fig finished with two tackles, five clearances, and 82.5% passing. You’ll get no argument from me, if you feel his rating is far too generous.

Reggie Cannon (8.0) Man of the Match - Reggie Cannon, despite being the youngest starter (only 19 years old) on the team, has been rock solid on defense all season long. Reggie has the occasional hiccup on defense, but is more likely to pull off defensive plays like this:

The only thing that has really been missing from Reggie’s game, is more involvement in the attack. Well, that looks to have been resolved, as plays like this, point out what a modern fullback looks like:

That was Reggie’s first goal for FCD, one of two shots on goal that he had in this game. He also had one key pass, beat three defenders on the dribble, completed his lone cross attempt, and had 84.9% passing. He wasn’t too shabby on defense either, with three tackles, three clearances, and one blocked shot. He had a game to remember, and it’s clear to see, that this will likely be just one of many games to remember this season.

Anton Nedyalkov (7.3) - While everyone has been praising Cannon’s performance against Vancouver, Anton was quietly having an excellent game. He lead the team with four tackles, and also had a team high six clearances, with two interceptions, one aerial won, and 84.6% passing.

Kellyn Acosta (6.7) - Acosta only played the first half of the match, and was actually having a pretty good game at the time. There was nothing to indicate that anything was bothering him, and he even came pretty close to scoring:

There have been zero reports to indicate that Kellyn suffered any sort of injury, so his removal at the half, has to be seen as nothing more than a precautionary measure. Please, let it be nothing more than that.

Carlos Gruezo (6.7) - Carlos is starting to look more and more like his old self, and is the player that has probably benefited most from Acosta’s return. Gruezo and Kellyn simply have a chemistry together, that allows both of them to maximize their games. Gruezo finished with two tackles, three interceptions, two clearances, committed three fouls, had 84.6% passing and even had a shot on goal in two attempts.

Mauro Diaz (6.7) - Mauro had a solid, yet unspectacular day. He only really created a couple of opportunities for other players, and finished with one shot attempt, one cross completed on three attempts, one key pass, and 83.7% passing.

Roland Lamah (6.8)- Roland continues to be a difference maker for FCD, getting his fourth assist of the season. Roly has averaged an impressive assist (four assists) or goal (five goals) per game played this season. Lamah did start to fade in the second half, and came off in the 67th minute. Still he finished with one shot attempt, three key passes, he won two aerials, and had 88.8% passing.

Santiago Mosquera (7.3) - Santi is starting to look more and more dangerous, as his comfort level in FCD grows. Mosquera was a handful for the Vancouver defense, and was clearly the most dangerous player on the pitch. He finished with one assist, four key passes, one cross completed on three attempts, he beat two defenders on the dribble, he had two defensive actions, and 77.1% passing. Oh yeah, Santi had one shot on goal in two attempts, and I’m sure he’d rather forget this one:

Maxi Urruti (7.4) - Maxi continued his hot scoring streak for FCD, with this beauty:

Maxi has always been a streaky player, and after only scoring one goal in the first five matches of the season, Maxi has now scored four goals and one assist in the last five matches played. He ended with two shots on goal in three attempts, four key passes, one aerial won, one cross attempt, and 81.8% passing.


Jacori Hayes (6.4) - Jacori came on for Acosta, to start the second half. Jacori was rock solid with his passing (91.7), but was not as involved in the attack as Acosta had been.

Michael Barrios (5.9) - Michael came on for Lamah, who was beginning to disappear from the match, and finished the disappearing act for him. Michael was barely even involved for the remainder of the match, touching the ball only 10 times, and making only one pass. Michael did have one shot attempt:

Ryan Hollingshead (6.1 ) - Ryan came on late for Diaz, as FCD was looking to try and close out the game. Ryan didn’t really have as much of a defensive impact, as Peraja had hoped.


Oscar Pareja (6.2) - Pareja has to take a lot of the blame for the team’s collapse. While he is not directly responsible for the actions of Figueroa or Maurer, he is responsible for the tactics and substitutions that simply failed down the stretch. While the Hayes substitution was forced on Pareja (a solid substitution), bringing on Barrios and Hollingshead hurt the team, more than it helped. Both players stepped on the field, and were less effective than the players they a mile. Both players did very little to offer help where FC Dallas needed it the most, on defense.