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East Stand View: Food and Nostalgia

Familiar faces, frustration, and food!

Saturday afternoon, in what is (mercifully) currently slated to be the last early afternoon home game for FC Dallas, the home team was up against a Vancouver Whitecaps team that looked beatable. In fact, the visitors looked so beatable I got my lazy self up from my seat to go grab a bite to eat in the first half since I had yet to ear dinner. The sun peeked out every now and then, but then overcast would give us some respite from the beating. Lastly, we had a few familiar faces back in the stadium, one made his glorious return to the delight of the Frisco fans and the other was Brek Shea. First though, let’s get to the food...

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese Bowl

I’ve been trying to resist this new item all season, and finally it was too much temptation. In what seemed like a questionable choice given the heat of the day, actually turned out to be a fantastic choice! Strips of buffalo chicken sat on top of a deep bed of macaroni and cheese. Be careful, they pack this thing to the rim! Sadly, I clumsily had a couple of noodles fall to the floor and I apologize to all you readers for my mistake. The meal was not as heavy as I expected, and yet still had a good amount of food to fill up a bigger guy like me. At $10 a pop, this is surprisingly worth it, and highly recommend if you’re eating dinner in the stadium. It has easily taken top spot for best stadium food in my opinion, although there are many new items I’ve yet to try. And although the food was really good, the same cannot be said about the performance...

Familiar Faces & Disappointment

The south stand was once again closed to ticket buyers as Zlatan was not in town this time. The empty seats had to be guarded by someone in case they’re attacked by errant soccer balls anytime Carlos Gruezo takes a shot. There really was only one man for the job. The lone construction worker! LCW was out there and back at it again with the ball collecting. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and it was nice to see him back even if it is temporary. Then there was another familiar face in the stadium, but this other face was representing the visiting team and there was no love lost amongst the FCD faithful.

Brek Shea was back in Frisco yet again. While some fans have some good memories of him, there are many of us that now enjoy heckling the 2nd overall 2008 superdraft pick. Brek managed to be relatively harmless before being subbed out, though he certainly had the last laugh as his team eventually got a penalty in what seemed like the 100th minute of the game. Absolutely frustrating that we were 2 up with about 10 minutes left in the match, at home, facing Vancouver, and we lose the lead in the 100th minute?! Wish I had gotten another buffalo and mac bowl to eat as comfort food...

And finally, your fan quote(s) of the night: “Does Brek Shea have the worst hair in MLS?” “Nah, I think Urruti still has him beat on that.”

Have any of you tried the Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese bowl yet? What’s your favorite stadium food? Did you give any shouts (good or bad) towards Brek Shea during his visit? Who do you think has the worst hair in MLS? Let me know in the comments below!