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Talking Points: Dallas left frustrated drawing Vancouver

It is hard to be excited for the first 70 minutes of the match when you see the finish.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Following an impressive win against LA Galaxy last week, the FC Dallas faithful left with plenty to be excited about with Oscar Pareja’s side. After the final whistle blew, fans left the stadium frustrated, as they should be.

No Surprises Here

The tweet says it all. When a big star from another team comes in town, the stadium nearly sells out, any other week, the attendance is garbage at best. It is something that is more frustrating every week this happens, especially when Dallas was selling LA Galaxy jerseys. We aren’t in MLS 1.0 anymore. However, I will blame this on MLS scheduling consecutive games mid day in the Texas heat. Not many people would want to sit in a stadium that doesn’t have proper shading for half of the stadium.

Reggie “The Cannon” Cannon Finally Strikes!

I must admit, last season I did not understand the hype of Reggie Cannon, I had not seen him play prior to last season, and the little bits I did see, I thought he was just okay. After a shaky first couple of games, Cannon has been a phenomenal player for FC Dallas. He has been a wall on the right side, something that has been missing for at least a couple of years now. At a young age of 19, he understands the balance between staying back and contributing to the attack, and his diligence was rewarded on Saturday.

Seeing the raw emotion on his face following the goal is what soccer is all about. The way he embraced Pareja at the end of his celebration, he was in pure shock that he scored his first MLS goal, it was a wonderful sight.

We’re Not Quite There Yet

I believe we are about 3-4 players away from really challenging for the MLS Cup. We do not have the depth in defense or striker to be able to deliver on a consistent basis. This was shown with Reto Ziegler being out due to suspension and Maynor Figueroa slotting in at center back in his place.

Was it a Penalty?

Long story short, yes. Should the whistle have been blown before Jimmy Maurer clotheslined Christian Techera? Probably so. Nevertheless, it was a bit of a stupid move by the former Cosmos shot stopper. Furthermore, he had a full hand on the ball when Kei Kamara took the penalty, he should have stopped the penalty with ease, I understand that he left the field completely gutted, and he is right to feel that way; he had an average game at best and did not deliver in the dying moments of the game.

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