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East Stand View: Zlatan Is Popular

This guy Zlatan is a pretty popular man.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Zlatan Ibrahimovic finally came to Texas for a competitive match. It was pretty warm in the DFW area, but a good day for a soccer game in Frisco! The stadium was pretty dang packed, with lines to get in backed up and parking spots a rarity if you were getting there with little time to spare. Of course it was to be expected, the Swedish sensation was in town and he was heavily advertised throughout the month. In order to accommodate this increased demand, FC Dallas had to open up their south stand that has been under construction for quite some time. There was always going to be Ibrahimovic jerseys, and the jerseys were definitely out in force...

Zaltan Jerseys & Jerseys!

Zlatan sells. He’s big, both marketing wise and on the field. (he was huge compared to everyone else!) The Swede basically sold out our stadium, forced it to open up the south end seats to increase capacity, then sold that out as well. It’s incredible what a player with some star power draw will do to the attendance in Frisco. Zlatan also sells a ton of jerseys which were expectedly all around the stadium. From his Milan jersey, to his Barcelona jersey, but mainly his PSG and LA Galaxy jerseys were amongst the most popular ones being sported by those in attendance.

Not only were LA Galaxy jerseys found being worn by opposition supporters, but they were also found in our very own FC Dallas team store. This angered a number of fans that happened to see it, and a number of people on social media. Not trying to justify it here, but this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen items of the visiting team on sale in the team store. The Texas Rangers do it when the Red Sox and the Yankees visit. We’ve seen it before, and we’re likely going to see it again. That being said, seeing LA Galaxy jerseys on sale in the team store made my stomach sicker than a dog that just ate a Crunch bar.

Hall of Fame section!

It’s bittersweet that the Hall of Fame section was opened for seating. On the one hand, we got more people into the stadium to really get the stadium rocking, and it also looked gorgeous while housing all those people! The bitter portion though, our secondary mascot (primary to some), the lone construction worker was missing from his usual secluded spot over in the south stand. I actually want to go sit in the new section next match against Vancouver! It actually looked really cool.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Texas is bigger than Zlatan!” It was actually a tifo, but I liked it so much decided to put it here. I wonder if he learned he shouldn’t mess with Texas.

How upset were you that they were selling LA Galaxy jerseys in the FC Dallas team store? Did you get the chance to sit in the new hall of fame section by chance? Do you think Zlatan learned he shouldn’t mess with Texas? Let me know in the comments below!