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FC Dallas uses the heat to their advantage against the LA Galaxy

FC Dallas managed to overpower the LA Galaxy with a team effort in the searing heat.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic coming to town, FC Dallas was able to get a full crowd and open up the south end Hall of Fame seating. This gave FC Dallas the opportunity to prove to the European soccer fans in the area that came out to the game that not all of MLS is a retirement league. Young teams like FC Dallas exist, and can beat the teams that splurge cash on older stars.

Bring on the Heat!

The weather in this game was brutal. Texas weather has decided that it is summer already, and the game was played in the hottest time of the day. This played into the hands of FC Dallas. Along with the players being more accustomed to this type of climate, the team’s strategy and playing style were also helped by the heat.

LA Galaxy defenders that were tired from the searing heat could not keep up with the quick feet of Mauro Diaz, or the fast movements by the FC Dallas wingers. They got no breaks to cool off when they had possession, because Maxi Urruti was beating down on them to make the LA defenders play the ball long.

Good vibes/high intensity

Having a full stadium is really great, and it is not something we have had in Toyota Stadium since the construction first took away the south end seating. The energy was high, and it was helped on by the FCD drumline. The drumline has not played at a game for a while that I can remember, but they were in the south end on Saturday. The energy was also helped on by the FC Dallas team themselves, who came away with an exciting win against Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the LA Galaxy.

The energy lead to an extremely nervy ending as FC Dallas tried to hold on to the result down a man and up by only one goal.

Hedges dealt with Ibrahimovic

Whether the heat played a factor or not in slowing down Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Matt Hedges did an impressive job of covering the legendary forward. Despite being several inches shorter than the towering Swede, Hedges was still able to beat him to aerial balls. This was important, because LA Galaxy knows that when they are out of other ideas, sending in a cross to Zlatan can get the job done. Hedges did not just defend Zlatan in the air, but also covered him well on the ground. When Ibrahimovic dropped back towards midfield, Hedges did not mark him because it would leave space in behind, and he did a good job of keeping track of where Zlatan was at all times.

Lamah knows where and when to be in the final third

Roland Lamah just knows what runs to make in the final third. His run on his first goal was fantastic. He made it diagonally to stay onside, and had a clinical finish to convert on the play. On his second goal, Lamah found space behind Daniel Steres, and managed to score a goal off a cross, which is rare for FC Dallas.

Being able to come away with a win at home in front of a full crowd is the most important thing. It was nice to see FC Dallas’ attack come to life and score some goals, while the defense, including Matt Hedges, was able to match the level of Ibrahimovic. Hopefully this win encourages fans that came to see Zlatan to come to more FC Dallas games.