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FC Dallas vs NYCFC: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

God help us all if MLS Cup is ever at Yankee Stadium.

MLS: FC Dallas at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas is no longer undefeated after a loss at the hands of NYCFC. Dallas rolled into Yankee Stadium Sunday evening looking at remaining the only team to not lose a game in the 2018 season. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get the result they wanted, leaving New York licking their wounds a bit. The 3-1 scoreline might be a little deceiving though, figuring one of New York’s goals was from a PK and the other was from a mix up on the backline. No matter what the result was Sunday night, most people understood not to look too deeply into it. It’s a road game on a very unique and honestly, terrible field. I couldn’t imagine having to play on that pitch for 17 games a year. It would drive me insane.

The Good

FC Dallas once again was able to create quite a few quality scoring chances. Once going to the 4-4-2, FCD has been able to find themselves in great positions to put the ball in the back of the net. Sure, they don’t always capitalize on these opportunities, but you would like to think, they will eventually become more lethal in front of goal.

FC Dallas had three different times where they were 1v1 with Sean Johnson, NYCFC’s keeper. They only managed to score on one those opportunities, but the team was still able to break down a pretty decent New York side. FCD just wasn’t able to score enough to keep up Sunday evening. Normally, you would be happy with the amount of chances created, but sometimes good players on opposing teams make good plays too. f Dallas can continue to defend like they have in the first six games this year, while still creating the chances quality chances going forward, they will be in a lot of soccer matches this season.

Dallas’ lone goal came from Santiago Mosquera who got the start over Michael Barrios. I really liked having Santi out wide in Mikey’s position.His calmness on the ball was something we aren’t use to seeing out there. It seems like the game moves at slower pace for him then it does for Mikey who looks to always have jittery feet in the attacking box. Hopefully Santi is able to continue to get minutes and become more comfortable with the team as well with the league. He really looks like there is something special there, now to wait and see if it comes to fruition.

The Bad

For the first time this year, FC Dallas’ defense looked a bit frazzled. Whether is was Jacori Hayes losing the ball in the defensive third, Victor Ulloa getting his pocket picked while to turn away from the defensive box or the miscommunication from the backline on the last goal, they just didn’t have it on Sunday. However, some of those mistakes are going to happen when you’re not use to playing on a field of that size. The speed of the game picks up significantly when players aren’t having to cover as much space. All these players have internal clocks in their heads that let them know how much time they have on the ball. When you throw off that clock by shrinking the field, it takes a while to adjust. I’m not too worried about Jacori or Vic after this match. It was a one off scenario that we won’t have to deal with for another two years.

Coming into the match, FC Dallas had only conceded three goals in six games. Yes, the number had doubled by the time the match ended, but overall the defense held their own alright. Dallas gave up goals from a scramble in the box, a freak handball in the box and a miscommunication error that should have been dealt with it. Aside from those moments, they did alright.

Reggie Cannon once again was monster out wide, to the point where NYCFC was avoiding his side altogether. Most of the New York’s attack generated down Anton’s side. If you would told me in the preseason that a team would look at going to the opposite to avoid Reggie, I would have thought you were crazy. The kid has made huge strides in the first two months of this season.

The Ugly

I hate that field so much. Sunday night wasn’t as much a professional soccer match, but more like a bunch of really big six-year olds all huddled around the ball as it moved up and down the field. If the size of the field isn’t bad enough, it appeared as if the ball just died whenever it went over the grass that was laid down over the infield. At one point, Mauro tried to pass the ball forward, but it basically just died around second base. It was so maddening.

Lastly, what was the deal with the camera production from that match? I honestly felt like I spent a third of the match watching replays or close ups of players yelling or scratching their faces. If there is ever a place where you can’t turn away from game, it seems like it would be at Yankee Stadium, right? Instead, we missed a lot of the action of the match. At one point, they cut from a replay just in time for us to see David Villa score his second goal of the match. Before the replay, Dallas’ had a goal kick or thrown in from out of bounds. I wish we knew what happened between those two moments.

Obviously this isn’t an FC Dallas production problem since they were just using the NYCFC feed, but my lord, that was frustrating. I feel bad for any New York fans, it seems at the end of the season, they would have missed a third of the action.

The schedule doesn’t get any easier as Dallas travels to the other coast to play an LAFC team that squeaked out a win Sunday evening. It will definitely be interesting to see how the team bounces back after their first loss of the season. Hopefully we are able to go up there and get a result.