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East Stand View: Our Stars vs Theirs

Villa showed us what one of him can do this game.

MLS: FC Dallas at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The weather all last week was amazing and it was absolutely perfect weather in Dallas on Sunday. It was the kind of weather where you get a patio table at your favorite brunch place, load up on chicken and waffles, and then go home stuffed to watch your favorite local team play some soccer. FC Dallas was on TXA 21 on the television, with the team playing at Yankee Stadium. Both teams had their stars on the field in a case of best in the East against the third best in the West. Unfortunately, one team had stars rise to the occasion while the stars on our team...tried their best?

Their Stars

The first goal was a case of Spanish International David Villa stealing the ball off homegrown product Jacori Hayes in our half, then proceeding to make a slicing run with a one-two into the box and laying it on a platter for his men in the middle. The second goal was Villa putting away a penalty kick, and the third was Villa making Anton Nedyalkov and Matt Hedges look absolutely silly. The common denominator this match was the experienced and incredibly talented Spaniard that split the difference. Then there were our designated player signings.

Our Stars

Cristian Colman, Santiago Mosquera, and the rest of the gang didn’t have the greatest game over in New York on Sunday. Our young up and coming star Hayes had the ball taken off him, in what looked like a foul in the lead up for the first goal. Then on the play for the handball, Nedyalkov got absolutely obliterated on a change of direction, nearly falling to the floor. The handball was certainly a 50/50 that went against us, yet again. While we can complain about the VAR, just watch the replay again and notice how easily beaten our newest left back is on the play. Then for the last play, Hedges and Reto Ziegler are both tracking a loose ball with the star of NYCFC pressing them. A lack of communication, a mistake, and Villa puts away the third for the home team. It was slightly embarrassing.

Not just the defense was at fault for this game however. Mosquera shot straight at the keeper on a golden opportunity after beating his marker. Colmán also failed on his awesome chance to bring Dallas a goal past just having 1. Honestly at this point, the fans have kinda come to expect this from him. So that one shouldn’t be surprising.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “That shot sums up Colmán’s time with us, unfortunately.” Yeah, he’s a polarizing character, that Colmán guy.

Am I being a bit unfair in comparing our stars versus their stars? Do you feel like FC Dallas just needs to make one big splash signing to really get the engine going? Are you done with Colmán or does he just need that one goal (again) to (supposedly) get him going? Let me know in the comments below!