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Four takeaways from FC Dallas’ draw against the Colorado Rapids

Get Mauro Diaz and Cristian Colman on the field at the same time.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas’ 1-1 draw against the Colorado Rapids may have seemed like a snoozfest, but looking at it a little bit deeper, there were some interesting takeaways to be had from the match:

Acosta should take the starting spot of Gruezo before Hayes

Carlos Gruezo had a poor game against the Colorado Rapids. He did not offer a lot defensively, and he was poor in possession, having several bad giveaways in the midfield. He also generally does not give a whole lot of help on the offensive side. FC Dallas’ other center midfielder, Jacori Hayes, did everything against the Rapids. He made defensive and offensive plays all around the field during the entire game, and he was safe in possession. At the beginning of the season, we figured that when Kellyn Acosta comes back, he would take minutes away from Hayes, but now it seems like he should be getting minutes from Gruezo.

Diaz poor finishing

Mauro Diaz has, in my opinion, been fantastic so far this season. He has mostly been playing like he was in FC Dallas’ trophy-winning season of 2016. Unfortunately, right now his finishing seems a little off. This game, he had two decent shooting opportunities at the top of the box, and he scuffed one of them, sending it slowly towards the keeper, and the other shot he had he pulled wide.

Nedyalkov is the real deal

Anton Nedyalkov impressed me a lot in this game. He has speed, defensive ability, a thunderous left boot, and is smart. Nedyalkov was back at his left back position, but he knew when to get forward into the attack, and it helped the team a lot in getting the ball into Colorado’s half. He also showed he has a powerful left kick, and if he could learn from Maynor Figueroa how to play the long switch, particularly to Michael Barrios, that would help the team even more.

Get Diaz and Colmán on the pitch at the same time

Cristian Colman came onto the field with Mauro Diaz still playing in his number 10 position. Colmán looked energetic and much more confident than he has been in the past. He made his dangerous runs, but what made them more effective was having a playmaker in Diaz on the field. In the end, the equalizer came from a beautiful through pass by Diaz to Colmán that no other player than Diaz on the field would have been able to make to find Colmán’s run.

While FC Dallas continues to struggle to find wins, taking both positive and negative lessons from games like this may be key to finding future success.