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FC Dallas vs New York City FC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from FCD’s first loss.

FC Dallas lost their first game of 2018, a 3-1 decision to New York City FC.

FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on the match…

It was a game where they made the difference on specific key plays that unbalanced the score and we have to accept it. I thought we compete really well today and the effort from our team was very good high. We played against a good side that had effectiveness in the last third when they had the chances, but today we controlled the majority of them against a team that normally uses that effectiveness when they get the chances. We neutralized that a lot and once again the goals came off in a very awkward way, but its part of the game also we have to accept it and just correct the mistakes. From our side we had very good moments along the game and we had our chances to score.

On allowing multiple goals for the first time in 2018…

Goals are goals and we have been defending well. I think allowing the first goal that early is something that hurt us because of the way we were preparing the game, but we bounced back quick and with a lot of character. The other two goals I don’t want to elaborate much, but still they are part of the game.

On Mosquera’s game and first goal…

Santiago, I think, had a very good game. He scored his first goal and had a lot of plays where he could have impacted even more I think he helped us a lot as well just to be able to be dangerous in the second half he was moving to the right and then the left and he created a lot of calls for them I thought it was a very good game for him.

Midfielder Santiago Mosquera

On scoring his first MLS goal…I’m happy and grateful with God, my teammates and with all the work of the technical staff who give me that confidence and who have taken me step by step. Things have been coming along well and this is the fruition of our daily work.

On the loss...

For us, in whatever stadium we are at, we are going to play our game. We have been doing a good job but today we lost and we also had many chances on goal. I think we failed in that aspect today. We could’ve finished those chances and the game would’ve been even in the second half, but now we need to keep our heads up and show what we’ve been working hard for to achieve our goals.

Goalkeeper Jimmy Maurer

On the game...

It was a tough match in tough place to play,. We didn’t perform as well as we would like to and the game didn’t go how we wanted obviously. Just a few key moments, you know, we didn’t get the bounce, but at the end of the day its about not being good enough, not bringing the quality. Its just back to work and we’ve got another chance next weekend.

On responding after the first goal…

It’s always tough but we responded well. We were calm about it. Things can happen and it’s a long season. Goals are going to happen different ways and we responded very well and that’s a positive we take from it. Then again we responded well after getting that tough penalty call. The review system takes a few minutes and it’s a crazy situation. We responded well again, but it was just to big of a hill to climb.

On preparing for LAFC…

It’s nice we have a short week, we get to bounce back we get the opportunity quick here we will get back to Dallas put the work in on the training field and be ready to go out to LA and go for a result and go again.

Midfielder Victor Ulloa

On the loss..

No well it’s not the result we wanted. We fought from the beginning and we go down early in the game 1-0 we comeback, we fight, and we tie it and then unfortunate for the penalty call I think we got a little bit unlucky on that one but now we gotta flip the page because we have an important game next week.

On allowing three goals…

It’s never easy to concede three goals. We’re definitely gonna look at it like I said we came out flat at the very beginning so we gave them that advantage and the penalty call was unlucky for us and on the third one I think it was just a bit of miscommunication, things that we can control. That’s the positive part about it, we can fix those mistakes that we made and we gotta look forward to the next game.