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Five Questions that Week 9 will answer in MLS

Can Dallas hold onto their undefeated streak?

MLS: Philadelphia Union at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the CONCACAF Champions League over, we can now fully focus on Week 9 of Major League Soccer.

What happened to the perfect narrative?

If you took a look at the matchup between FC Dallas and New York City FC a week ago, you would have been eagerly anticipating a contest between Major League Soccer’s two only undefeated teams. Sadly, NYCFC went ahead and ruined that narrative. NYCFC traveled to Providence Park last weekend and lost, 3-0, to the Portland Timbers. Thus, ending their undefeated streak. Now, FC Dallas remains as the only team in that category, but for how much longer?

Now that CONCACAF is over, how will Toronto proceed?

This year’s edition of the CONCACAF Champions League was exciting, especially from the point of view of Toronto FC. The Canadian MLS team made history getting to the tournament final, all while knocking out a few of Mexico’s best teams. However, Toronto ended up losing in the final to Chivas, crushing their hopes for more cup glory. In addition to their crushed dreams, Toronto’s focus on CONCACAF led to a disastrous record in MLS. At the current moment, Toronto is the worst team in the league. Now that the tournament is over, perhaps, the Canadian team can focus on the league and dig themselves out of a deep hole.

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-Toronto FC at Guadalajara Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

How much of a factor will LAFC’s new stadium play in their game against Seattle?

The start of Los Angeles FC’s debut season has been ideal. The new expansion team currently sits second in the Western Conference and has yet to play a game at home…until Sunday. Bob Bradley’s team has played well this season and will hope to continue that trend, especially at their new home, the Banc of California Stadium. LAFC’s first game at home will be against their first opponents of all time, the Seattle Sounders. Seattle kicked off their season poorly but have been able to catch up after winning and drawing in their last two matches. Can Seattle avoid losing away from home, even if it is against a team that already beat them this season?

Who has the better soccer market: Los Angeles or New York City?

In terms of city atmosphere, Los Angeles and New York City are quite different. In terms of soccer teams, they are not so different. Both cities boast entertaining teams that are prone to bringing in some of the world’s biggest and brightest soccer stars. Zlatan Ibrahimović and Thierry Henry to name a few. In relation to population, these two cities have the largest markets in the league, but which one is better? In no way can we figure out a true answer because plenty of factors play into it, but we can figure who is better on the field this weekend.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Los Angeles Galaxy Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the best of the worst?

For a long time, D.C. United and the Philadelphia Union were revered as a few of the United States’ best soccer teams. Now, in 2018, they are a few of the worst. With no energy or life put into the teams, they both sit towards the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Hopefully, one team can grab a win this weekend and push themselves towards the top, but that would mean one would have to fall further. But who?