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East Stand View: The Chosen Few

The rain didn’t keep the mood down for long on Saturday.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was a great day to bust out the poncho and head over to downtown Frisco for a match against the Philadelphia Union. Philadelphia seem to be a winning city recently, it was time to see in person if that winning spirit applied to soccer. It was forecasted to be a little rainy, and rain it did beginning as the match was getting underway. The black kits were pretty fun to see for a change of pace, with MLS mixing it up with the recycled jerseys. Parking is normally an issue for FC Dallas games, but...

Rain Rain!

Nothing clears the parking lot in Frisco on game day like the chance for rain showers. What is normally a battle for parking closer to the stadium was fairly simple this time around, even when getting there a little before game time. The crowd was sparse due to the cold and the rain but the “El Beer Guardor” (supporter’s section) was filled with the faithful. The Toyota roof does provide cover from the rain if I remember right, so not sure they they had it as bad as us out in the stands. Despite the lower than average attendance, the crowd seemed more in tune with the game as the ones who brave the weather seem to also be fairly vocal in their support, and disapproval, of what’s happening in the game.

Not only was it raining water, it seemed like it was raining chances with FC Dallas players getting behind enemy lines several times with excellent opportunities to put them in the net. Mosquera had what seemed like 3 chances if I’m remembering right, Barrios a couple, after a while it felt like we were going to waste another golden opportunity to win at home. Then the penalty was called, and the crowd went wild with expectation of a goal! After Urruti found the back of the net shortly after, the game was virtually sealed prompting some in the sparse crowd to head for the exits to escape the elements.

Black Kits

The red & white, the blue & white, and now the black kits? The home team was lucky the weather was cloudy and rainy because that could’ve been bad had the temperature gone the other way! The looks of the kits were nice though, very reminiscent of the MLS All Stars kits that were worn a couple years back. Thought the idea of making one off kits with recycled materials was a very creative idea as well. Nice gesture, look, and change of pace in my books.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “You gotta trust the process Philly!!” Towards the end of the game, the crowd remaining had some good quips. That one made me laugh although until we win an MLS Cup I’m not taunting too much.

Did you brave the rain, or stay away from the match on Saturday? Still a little worried about our finishing? How did you like the alternative kits that the boys had on? Let me know in the comments below!