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FC Dallas vs New England Revolution: Player Ratings

A big road win for FC Dallas, on the shoulders of a couple of great performances.

MLS: FC Dallas at New England Revolution Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas went on the road to the New England Revolution, and came back with a hard fought 1-0 win. There were some truly outstanding individual performances that were sprinkled in through some not so great ones.

For rating purposes, 6 is the rating used for an average MLS performance.


Jimmy Maurer (7.7) - Jimmy simply had his best match in an FC Dallas jersey. On the road, and with FC Dallas under siege (New England took 22 shots), Jimmy was pure grace under fire. Jimmy finished the match with 6 saves, and earned his second clean sheet in five starts. Jimmy now leads MLS with a 0.60 Goals Against Average, and also leads MLS with an 86.4% success rate on save attempts, with 19 saves (#8 in MLS). Jimmy has been lights out, and it’s hard to see Jesse getting his job back, any time soon.

Matt Hedges (8.1) - Matt had a monster game, and would have been MotM had Hayes not sealed the three points for FC Dallas. This was the team captains best performance in quite some time. Matt had one tackle, five interceptions, eight clearances, two blocked shots, one foul given, and he won six aerials. Matt followed last week’s lackluster performance, with this excellent showing. Which Matt Hedges will we get next week?

Reto Ziegler (6.8) - Reto had a solid, if unspectacular match. He had one tackle, eight clearances, two aerials won, and one shot taken. With New England focusing their attack on FCDs right side, Reto simply didn’t have to deal with as much action, as Matt Hedges.

Reggie Cannon (7.6) - Reggie appeared to be the focus of New England’s attack, and he was more than up to the task:

Reggie earned himself a spot on the bench for MLS Team of the Week, as he had nine tackles, three interceptions, two clearances, one blocked shot, and one aerial won on defense. In the attack, Reggie had 76% passing accuracy, beat two defenders on the dribble, was fouled twice, and attempted two crosses.

Anton Nedyalkov (6.8) - Anton had another solid outing for FC Dallas, and much like Reto, did not have as much to deal with due to New England focusing their attack on the opposite side of the field. Still, Anton finished with four tackles, one interception, four clearances, two blocked shots, and three aerials won on defense. Anton wasn’t as active going forward, as we’re used to seeing him, and only had one shot attempt, and beat one defender on the dribble.

Victor Ulloa (6.6) - Victor got his first start of the season, and not surprisingly, focused on defense. Victor finished with one tackle, one aerial won, three interceptions, and three clearances on defense. Victor didn’t really add much on offense, as that is not really his game, but he did get to attempt one shot. All in all, not a bad day at the office for Ulloa, and a reminder that he can still give Pareja a good start, against the right opponent.

Jacori Hayes (8.2) Man of the Match - Jacori continues to dazzle in the midfield for FC Dallas, and as good as he has looked, he appears to get better each week. That was the case against the Revs, as he had the match winning goal:

Jacori’s first MLS goal, was just the icing on the cake, as he was already having a great game before scoring. Here’s a great GIF thread breakdown of Jacori’s performance:

And some more love here too:

Jacori was rewarded for his performance, by being named to the MLS Team of the Week:

Roland Lamah (7.6)- Roland continues his hot streak to start the season, getting the assist on the match winning goal. Roland simply continues to be the most dangerous player on the field for FC Dallas, and had 77.8% passing accuracy, with four key passes, one cross completed on two attempts, one shot on goal, the assist on the winning goal, he beat two defenders on the dribble, and pitched in on defense with two clearances. Roland looks to have locked down the left wing starting position for now, and his outstanding play, is the reason we are not seeing more of Santi on the field.

Michael Barrios (5.8) - Michael had a rough, rough, day. New England actually leads MLS in giving fouls, and with Mauro not on the field, they clearly focused their energies on Barrios. I am shocked that Michael was only fouled once according to the officials. Michael was simply roughed up, beat on, leaned on, and out physical all over the field. Michael was barely visible out on the field, and only attempted 8 passes the whole match. It is no surprise then, that Michael was the first player subbed off (in the 62nd minute). He simply has not looked good the past couple of weeks, and it may be time to give him a rest next week.

Maxi Urruti (6.4) - Urruti was barely a factor in this match, a fact that appears to be lost on everyone complaining about Colman. Urruti only made 11 passes, won one aerial, and took two shots that were not on goal. He did pitch in on defense, with three tackles, and two interceptions, but was subbed off in the 67th minuted. Another player whose performance has begun to dip, and another player who may be in need of a break.

Cristian Colman (6.7) - Colman had the type of performance that draws the ire of the FC Dallas fan base. On the one hand, Colman was dangerous throughout the match, making great runs, and taking three shots on goal:

On the other hand, Colman’s first touch was horrible (44.1% passing accuracy) with several missed opportunities in front of goal, and he had bad control or was dispossessed on 22 touches. Still, there’s no denying that Colman made his presence felt throughout the match, as he kept the New England defense honest, and opened up space for his teammates to operate on. Colman won 12 headers on the day, beat two defenders on the dribble, was fouled three times, and attempted two crosses. Not a great game, but not a bad game either, and it should certainly earn him more playing time going forward.


Carlos Gruezo (6.4) - Gruezo came on in the 67th minute for Maxi Urruti, and had a very solid performance off the bench. It was interesting to note, that when Gruezo came onto the field, FC Dallas switched to a 4-3-3 formation with three central defensive midfielders in the middle (Ulloa and Hayes were the others). Gruezo responded by looking like his old self, with two tackles, one clearance, and one interception.

Santiago Mosquera (6.4) - Santi had another solid stint off the bench, this time coming in for the struggling Barrios, in the 62nd minute. There was an immediate difference on the right side of the field, and Mosqueras play, was an instant improvement over what Barrios had offered up to that point. Santi finished with 66.7% passing accuracy, one key pass, one cross completed on four attempts, one shot taken, and two defenders beaten on the dribble.

The highlight of the match for Mosquera, may have been the time he won the ball deep in FCD territory, and a Revolution defender held on to Mosqueras jersey for dear life (no foul was called!), to prevent this preseason run from happening again:

It might be time to give Santi a start, but on the right side, where Barrios is currently struggling.

Tesho Akindele (6.2) - Tesho came on in the 78th minute, and took two shots, completed one cross on one attempt, and had one key pass. Not a bad performance to finish off the match with.


Oscar Pareja (7.0) - Oscar made the right choice, by sitting Mauro out of this match. He then made a great tactical move, by switching to a 4-3-3 just minutes before the winning goal was scored. The move was so good, that FC Dallas scored the winning goal, despite Mauro Diaz, Maxi Urruti, and Michael Barrios not being on the field. While FC Dallas may not have the most talented, or deepest team in the league, they do have one of the most flexible squads in the league. It’s good to see Pareja finally beginning to figure out, how to best use his teams flexibility mid-game, to gain a favorable result.