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FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids: Player Ratings

How did the players rate, following another home draw?

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas got another disappointing 1-1 home draw, this time against the visiting Colorado Rapids. Some players stood out with their impressive performances, but some players stood out for the wrong reasons.

For rating purposes, 6 is the rating used for an average MLS performance.


Jimmy Maurer (6.8) - Jimmy had another solid match in net for FC Dallas. Jimmy finished with three saves, here’s all three of them:

Here’s the only goal allowed by Jimmy, and I believe that he was in the right position to save it, but the deflection by Rito changed the trajectory:

Jimmy now has 15 saves on the season (8th in MLS), 81.3% on save attempts (#2 in MLS), and continues to lead MLS with a 0.75 Goals Against Average.

Matt Hedges (6.4) - Matt was actually having a decent match, right up until his error allowed 2 attackers to get passed him. In the video showing the goal against Jimmy Maurer, you can see where Matt committed his error. Matt finished with one tackle, two interceptions, five clearances, one blocked shot, six aerials won, and he committed two fouls, one of which resulted in a yellow card. It’s a step back for Matt, as he was beginning to look like his old self there for a bit. The question now is, was this a just a speed bump on Matt’s road to regaining his old form?

Reto Ziegler (6.4) - Reto had probably his worst match in an FC Dallas uniform. Reto finished with only two clearances, one blocked shot, and two aerials won. His lone saving grace, was his 91.3% passing accuracy on 92 pass attempts.

Reggie Cannon (6.4) - Reggie had a rather quiet match, and was subbed off in the 73rd minute. Reggie was ok on defense, with two tackles, two interceptions, two fouls, and one clearance. It was on offense, where Reggie was missed. Reggie had 87.8% passing accuracy, but very little else to offer on the attack. When opponents are bunkering, that's simply the wrong time to disappear offensively.

Anton Nedyalkov (7.1) - Anton was the one defender that actually had a good game. Anton finished the match with two tackles, one interception, one clearance, and one blocked shot on defense. It was on offense, where Anton really separated himself from the other defenders. Anton took four shots, with one shot on goal:

Anton also finished with 87.1% passing accuracy on 93 pass attempts, two cross attempts, with one of those crosses completed. It was great to see Anton play the full match, only his second time lasting the full 90.

Carlos Gruezo (6.0) - Gruezo is simply not playing up to his reputation. Here is a player that all FCD fans have learned to admire, for his hard work on defense, and his willingness to do all the dirty work. This season, Carlos has been asked to move out of his comfort zone, and push forward more. The results have not been pretty, and not surprisingly, Gruezo was the first player subbed off in this match (69th minute), when FC Dallas needed to go into full attack mode. Gruezo had one tackle, and one clearance on defense. On offense, Gruezo took one shot (badly), and had 79.4% passing accuracy. With Acosta nearing a full return, FCD fans are starting to wonder if it is Gruezo, and not Jacori Hayes, who may be the person replaced in the starting XI.

Jacori Hayes (7.5) - Jacori simply continues to show that he belongs in the starting XI, week in, and week out. Hayes has simply been one of the best players for this team in MLS play. Yet again, Jacori was everywhere, with four tackles, four interceptions, and one blocked shot on defense. On offense, Jacori 83.9% passing, one shot on target, two key passes, beat two defenders on the dribble, and drew three fouls.

Michael Barrios (7.0) - Michael had one of his better matches this season, with 87.5% passing, one shot taken (not on goal), four key passes, one cross connected on two attempts, and he beat three defenders on the dribble.

Mauro Diaz (8.0), Man of the Match - Mauro had another solid day pulling the strings for the FCD attack. He took three shots (1 on goal), had 78.2% passing accuracy, with one assist, made five key passes, beat four defenders on the dribble, had two defensive actions, and drew four fouls. Mauro is starting to look like his old self again, but he’s not yet there, and neither is the FC Dallas attack.

Roland Lamah (7.0)- Roland was simply the most dangerous player on the field for FC Dallas in the first half of the match. Roland displayed the type of game breaking speed that he hadn’t shown before, and fans didn’t even know he had. Lamah was out there breaking ankles too, beating six players on the dribble, yet something else that we rarely see from him. As in prior games, Lamah began to fade, he showed sign of slowing, as early as the 30th minute. Lamah was practically invisible in the second half, and was somehow, not subbed off until the 88th minute. The second half disappearing act is nothing new, and either Lamah needs to be subbed off way earlier in games (if he continues to start), or it’s time to give Mosquera a start on the left side.

Maxi Urruti (6.5) - Urruti was simply not a factor in this match, which is something you don’t want to hear about your lone striker, when an opponent is simply bunkering the full match. Urruti only took 3 shots, and none of them were on goal. While the non-stop Urruti motor, was still on display, it may simply be time to give Colman a start.


Santiago Mosquera (6.6) - Santi came on in the 68th minute, and was dangerous for the remainder of the match. Santi finished with one shot on goal, one key pass, and one cross completed on four attempts.

Cristian Colman (6.9) - Colman was simply the point saving heroe for FC Dallas:

Colman scored his first goal of the MLS season, and his second goal in five matches played (all off the bench) for FC Dallas. His latest score, has fans clamoring for Cristian to get his first start of the season.

Tesho Akindele (6.0) - Tesho came on in the final minutes, and only managed to ruffle the feather of one of our staff, who wonders why Tesho even gets on the field.


Oscar Pareja (6.3) - Oscar just can’t seem to get the FC Dallas attack going. Teams will bunker and counter this team to death all season. Fans are beginning to worry that Pareja simply doesn’t have the answers on how to fix what ails this team.