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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Player Ratings

How did the FCD players rate in the home opener?

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas started the season with a very disappointing 1-1 draw, at home against visiting Real Salt Lake.

Four players made their MLS starting debuts for FC Dallas. Despite many FCD fans screaming “Play the kids!”, FCD still managed to start the youngest XI in MLS this past weekend.


Jimmy Maurer (6.2) - Jimmy didn’t really have much to do, as RSL only took nine shots, and only three of those shots found their way on goal. Jimmy ended up with two saves, but was soundly beaten by Plata on RSL’s only goal. All in all, not a performance that has fans screaming for Jimmy to replace Jesse as FCD’s #1 keeper.

Matt Hedges (6.0) - The team captain’s struggles from last season, continued to plague him against RSL. Matt only had five defensive actions, and won only two of six aerials. You could argue, that poor communication between Matt and Reggie Cannon, directly lead to RSL’s only goal. This season, the captain has been moved from his normal left center back position, to right center back, so it could take Matt several matches to settle in.

Rito Ziegler (6.5) - Rito had seven defensive action, while winning the only two aerials he contested. He did look very comfortable on his passing (78.8 passing accuracy), even getting one key pass, and showed off some fancy footwork by beating an RSL defender on the dribble. A solid MLS debut, as he looked comfortable in his role.

Reggie Cannon (6.7) - Considering the fact that Reggie is responsible for the only goal conceded by FCD, you would think his score would be a lot lower. The truth is, that mistake, is the only thing Reggie did wrong in his 78 minutes of action. For a player getting his first MLS start, he was actually quite impressive, in the aftermath of that mistake. On the defensive side of things, Reggie had three tackles, one interception, and two clearances, for a total of six defensive actions.

On the attack, Reggie was second on the team with 82.1% passing accuracy, with 21 of his successful passes coming in the oppositions half. Reggie also won a corner, received a foul, beat a defender on the dribble, and had one key pass. The facts of life for a young defender, are that they will be targeted by opponents, and they will concede mistakes from time to time. As soon as Reggie eliminates those mistakes, he has the making of a future star for FCD.

Maynor Figueroa (6.2) - It’s clear that Maynor is losing a step. While he was very active on the defensive side of things, with seven defensive actions, it was on the offensive side that Maynor really struggled. Maynor had a team low 64.9% passing accuracy. For a player who doesn’t overlap often in the attacking third, and relies on long balls to assist in the attack, it didn’t help that he only completed three out of 13 long balls attempted.

Carlos Gruezo (6.3) - There’s no other way to say it, Carlos had a quiet night. We’re used to seeing Gruezo boss the defensive side of the midfield, but we didn’t really see any of that Saturday. Carlos only had three defensive actions, committed two fouls, and contributed very little to the attack.

Jacori Hayes (7.1) - The second year midfielder was downright impressive on Saturday. He was everywhere on the field, and looks like he will offer real competition for minutes in the midfield this season. on defense, he had four interceptions, one blocked shot, and committed six fouls (including a yellow card). On the attacking side of things, Jacori lead the starters with 90.6% accuracy on 56 passes attempted, including three key passes. Jacori is also credited by MLS with an assist on the own goal (hey, I don’t make these things up), and almost scored on a shot that hit the woodwork.

Michael Barrios (6.7) - Michael had a typical ‘Barrios day’, making a nuisance of himself on the right wing, but failing to score. Mickey had four shots, two of which were on goal, won four corners, completed four key passes, and beat three defenders on the dribble. He pitched in on defense with two tackles, and committed five fouls (including a yellow card).

Mauro Diaz (7.4) - Mauro was looking rather magical on Saturday,and finally started to look like his old self, with three shots (all three are still in orbit), six key passes (four of them in open play), three crosses completed, beat four defenders on the dribble, and had 76.2% passing accuracy on 57 pass attempts (42 of those completions taking place in the oppositions side). Mauro would have been the Man of the Match, had he not been subbed out in the 67th minute.

Harold Mosquera (5.9) - The Colombian DP was simply a non-factor on Saturday. Santi simply didn’t have the ball enough to be noticed, with only 36 touches on the night. He only attempted 22 passes, with a poor 68.2% pass completion, and he was dispossessed six times. He was a missing in the attack, with one corner won, and only one shot attempt. Santi often drifted to the inside, much like we saw Lamah do last season, and ended up competing for space with Mauro, Maxi, and Jacori. Santi drifting to the inside, wouldn’t be so bad if he had a left back overlapping with him, but that’s not Maynor’s game. Santi is still pretty new, clearly still needs time to learn Papi’s system, and still needs time learn his teammates habits. All in all, it was a less than impressive MLS debut.

Maxi Urruti (7.6) - The Man of the Match for FCD, Maxi was his usual self. Maxi was a pest whenever RSL had the ball, and simply showed the non-stop motor he is well known for. Maxi had five shots, three of them on goal, and saved FCD from a home loss by forcing RSL into an own goal.


Ryan Hollingshead (6.4) - Coming in for Reggie Cannon in the 78th, Ryan looked great in his brief time at Right Back. He had two defensive actions, and completed all seven passes he attempted (including one key pass).

Cristian Colman (6.2) - Cristian was solid coming off the bench, but it is amusing that he simple can’t get on the field at the same time as Mauro Diaz. Cristian was on the field only five minutes, before Mauro was subbed off. While he wasn’t a force in the attack, his presence did open up space for Maxi to get in what would be the game winning shot.

Roland Lamah (6.1) - Roland didn’t really stand out, after coming on in the 67th minute. He was only slightly more noticeable than Mosquera on the left side, so at least there is that.


Oscar Pareja (6.5) - People continue to be befuddled by Papi’s choice of subs. Despite the criticism leveled his way, FCD’s score occurred once the subs were on the field. At the end of the day, FCD played well enough to win, but were outdone by a single defensive lapse, and many missed chances on goal.