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Hoops at Home: FC Dallas packs stadium for home opener

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Absolutely packed house for the opener.

A slight chill was present in Frisco on Saturday night, as fans streamed into Toyota stadium to watch FC Dallas kick off their 2018 MLS season. As with most season openers for the Hoops, the house was absolutely packed and rocking. A consequence of this though was the parking being a little trickier than usual. It was also interesting to see El Matador now in the Beer Garden, probably going to have to get used to that. Before we talk about the new roommates specifically, let’s talk about that crowd in general!

Woo! People Showed!!

Tend to forget just how many people tend to show up for FCD season openers, but Saturday night was absolutely a reminder. I was amazed when walking into the stadium, despite people telling me “duh Ryan, it’s always this packed during the home openers.” Thankfully, this large crowd wasn’t to leave the game disappointed as Urruti forced a mistake from a Real Salt Lake defender to at least salvage a point for FC Dallas’ home opener. So much for that home opener winning streak.

The multitudes of people that showed up Saturday night was phenomenal to see. Although, it might have caught off guard most of us who aren’t used to this much FCD support. Those of us trying to time arriving at the stadium on game day ended up resulting in a little....

Parking Pandemonium

Not going to lie, I was planning on arriving early for the game. But ended up driving up as the national anthem was being sung. Normally during the regular season it’s no biggie. You’re able to find a parking spot on the west side of free parking and you get to the game about 10 minutes in. Completely different on Saturday. Basically, all the parking spots were full. The west side parking, with the parking across the street to the north, to the parking by all the training fields north of the stadium, to most of the parking around the apartments under construction. Serves me right for not showing up when I should have.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “In your head! In your head! Hollingshead! Hollingshead! Hollingshead-head-head!” - Heard this chant for the first time, loved it for the tribute to the Cranberries late singer, and for being just plain catchy!

Were you able to make it out to the home opener this past Saturday? Did you arrive early enough or were you one of the multitude of cars driving around looking for parking in the 8th minute of the match? Do you have a favorite chant for an FC Dallas player? Let me know in the comments below!!