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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Highlights, stats, and quote sheet

All the facts from the season opener.

The first game is in the books as FC Dallas picked up a 1-1 draw on Saturday night against Real Salt Lake.

FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on the match…

In the first half, we created eight chances to score, and we had five shots on target. We had players with a chance on goal five times. It shows the character of a club that wants to do things right. The things we can take away are sometimes we need that good energy and good form for someone to finish those opportunities. We are not on that page, because in the two CONCACAF games we played, we missed a lot of chances to score. We are still struggling to score but hopefully we will start scoring more.

On Jesse Gonzalez being out of the lineup…

Jesse had some trouble with his knee this week. We tried to wait for him to see if he would be ready for this game. I know he is still trying to recover from those two CONCACAF matches. Fortunately, we have players who can fit in that goalkeeper spot. Jimmy [Maurer] today showed great character stepping in goal today. It will help in the meantime that Jesse needs to recover.

On Jacori Hayes

It’s a great message for the coaches. Jacori is a young man that has been working and waiting for his opportunity. Today he looked like a veteran. It was amazing to see his personality and the way the ball flowed through him. I am very happy with Jacori’s performance.

FC Dallas midfielder Jacori Hayes

It’s always good to get a nod from the coach and get the start in the home opener. I wanted to show the fans what I have been working on this whole offseason. I wanted to have a good performance after the Red Bull match last year… To try and go the full 90 this time. I was proud of my performance. I tried to help the team as best I could. We want the three points, but we’ll settle for the draw. It gets us on the right foot. We will focus on the next game.

It’s good we’re creating those chances. They’ll start to fall for us eventually. I have no doubt about our players being able to finish. It’s at least a good sign that we are creating all these opportunities.

FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon

On giving up the goal on the right side…

I learned from [Hernan] Grana last year. He struggled with it too. When you’re going forward and the other opponent is just going to half, you get in the corner with someone who is completely fresh. He doesn’t track back defensively. He’s 100% when you have only 50% of your legs left. You just have to deal with it somehow. You have to get back and defend the goal. Atiba [Harris] taught me that part really well last year. He was a little more of a stay-at-home right back. He went forward but he wasn’t like Grana. He taught me the defensive aspect of the game. I just need to grow and learn from it.

I think I am getting better. I am getting into the attack. I am creating chances. It’s just… All it takes is one mistake. It’s good to grow from it. It’s good to learn from it. I’m only going to get better from here. The next few weeks, I am going to work out some of my kinks. There are some parts of my game that I need to work on. The coaching staff believes in me. I just can’t let that go. It’s a chance. I want to be one of the best in the world someday. This is the path I have to take.

FC Dallas midfielder Mauro Diaz

Thoughts on tonight’s game…

It’s an even result for both teams. They had a chance. They took advantage of it. We need to continue improving and defining our plays. It’s important that we continue to create chances and the goals will come.

Thoughts on tonight’s draw…

The team never gave up, so I’m happy for my teammates, for playing until the last second. We took a point that is a point nonetheless.

FC Dallas midfielder Santiago Mosquera

Thoughts on his debut with FC Dallas and adjusting to the MLS…

It was a difficult. It was a complicated game, but I’ll get used to it. The next two weeks coming up will give me the opportunity to become more acquainted with the team. It will cost me, but I’m in a very good condition to face this challenge. Like I’ve been saying, it’ll be nice to play offensively here. I know that my styles are also made for this type of soccer. I hope to adapt as quickly as possible to bring more opportunities to the team.