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How to be a FC Dallas fan from afar: 2018 Edition

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Many FC Dallas fans watch from beyond the DFW metroplex. Find out some best tips to catch your favorite squad in action over the course of the season.

MLS: Concacaf Champions League-Tauro FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the season about to kick off tomorrow, let’s pause to celebrate the benefits of being a FC Dallas fan who lives nowhere near Frisco:

  • You don’t get wet in those spring/fall freak thunderstorms like Michael Barrios did on Wednesday night.
  • Beer is a lot cheaper when grabbed from your own fridge.
  • You can go to bed without first dealing with that slow traffic leaving the stadium.
  • No kids in your beer garden, because you set the rules!
  • You can watch the game naked.
  • No one will see you sob in public after a heartbreaking loss.
  • Grill steaks and watch the game at the same time.

I know I am not alone following FC Dallas from several states away. Maybe you are part of that “fans from afar” club. This article is for you.

Here are a few tips to make your season enjoyable.

How to Watch the Games

Last year, fans had a couple of options, including FC Dallas’ own Youtube streaming deal that made live feeds accessible to people in the DFW area (and those using VPN services to spoof their location). For others, MLS Live or Direct Kick were the best packages to get the game on your favorite tablet or TV at reasonable prices. Some of that is changing this year.

FC Dallas will not be streaming locally, which is probably a good thing.

MLS Live is also changing, definitely a good thing.

ESPN has stepped in to acquire the rights to MLS games in their new $4.99/month ESPN+ package. Not only is this cheaper than what MLS Live cost before, soccer fans will have access to plenty of other live sports options through the service. This is great news, as the ESPN platform is widely available and well-supported on a bunch of devices.

For the first part of the season, fans can create a MLS Live account and watch for free until ESPN+ goes live in the spring.

If you are into Direct Kick, the cable package through Comcast will be the same as previous seasons. If you live in Canada, your streaming option is with a different company in the link above.

Some local and national games won’t be accessible, unfortunately, so you may have to rely on a local pub that has the game on, a crappy (and illegal) stream from some dark corner of the internet, or your own cable package to watch. If you are confused, ask around. We typically try to share livestream links when they are available as there are usually a handful of games (for the Open Cup) that end up on a Youtube feed.

How to Vent and Form Lifelong Friendships

If you don’t have a local supporter’s group to join, the internet is your friend. BigDSoccer provides plenty of opportunity to chat about and break down each and every game over the course of the season. You can even submit your own articles to share your reflections on whatever existential crisis FC Dallas is facing throughout the season. Our live stream articles of each game are always a lot of fun to see who else is watching the game from their couch.

FC Dallas’ media team has also been ramping up the opportunities to interact with coaches, staff, and players via their Facebook page. I highly recommend following the team there to get some interesting scoops and have your own questions answered. The viewing crowds can be pretty small, so even an intrepid amateur reporter like myself can get my questions on air from time to time.

I highly recommend following BigDSoccer on twitter. If you pay attention, you’ll find many contributors posting and sharing those headlines, so you can ask us direct questions (although we talk about things other than soccer as well).

In addition, if you are Reddit kind of person (I’m not), check out the MLS Reddit forum for lots of interesting articles and nuggets from around the league.

How to Pretend to Be Oscar Pareja

MLS Fantasy Soccer is back, and you can join BigDSoccer’s official league, League Code: AARSDTD7.

I’m bad at this fantasy stuff, but if you are good at thinking of matchups and which FC Dallas players will have solid games, you can have some fun in there. We’ll have some features on the site here to give you ideas of who to start most weeks.

Sound Off

If you are a fan from afar, tell us in the comments below where you are and how you watch the games. Did I miss anything?