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FC Dallas vs. Portland Timbers: Player Ratings

A disappointing result at home, makes for some interesting ratings.

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas got a very disappointing 1-1 home draw, against the visiting Portland Timbers. Some players stood out with their impressive performances, but some players stood out for the wrong reasons.

For rating purposes, 6 is the rating used for an average MLS performance.


Jimmy Maurer (6.9) - Jimmy started his third MLS match in a row, and had a very fine game. Jimmy had five saves, with one goal allowed, and currently ranks fourth in MLS with a 0.67 goals against average. Here’s the goal that Jimmy allowed, which is up for goal of the week:

Some will argue that Jesse would have saved that, but let’s be honest here, Jesse hasn’t made a save like that since last season. Jimmy, is starting to make a serious case for becoming the #1 goalkeeper full time.

Matt Hedges (6.8) - Matt had another solid outing, with three tackles, six clearances, six aerials won. Matt even pitched in on offense, with one shot on goal, 84.5% passing accuracy on 71 pass attempts, and beat two defenders on the dribble. The team captain looks to be regaining some of his confidence, and his rating was slightly hurt by receiving a yellow card.

Reto Ziegler (6.9) - Reto has been nothing but solid in his three MLS starts. Reto was everywhere defensively, with one tackle, three interceptions, two clearances, two blocked shots, and four aerials won. Reto continues to display excellent passing from the back, with 83.7% passing accuracy on 86 passes.

Reggie Cannon (6.5) - One of the issues that can arise from starting young players, is that they can lack consistency in their play. That appears to be the case for Reggie this match, as he followed an excellent performance against Seattle, with a dud against Portland. Reggie offered very little going forward, and only had two defensive actions the entire match.

Anton Nedyalkov (6.5) - Anton started his second match in a row, and actually had an excellent first half. Anton was clearly hobbled for the latter part of the first half, and it was a complete surprise that he was still on the pitch to start the second half. It’s to no ones surprise then, that Anton was beaten on the lone goal, and was soon subbed out. At that time, Anton had two tackles, four interceptions, one clearance, and one aerial won on defense. Anton had 75% passing accuracy on 28 passes, with one key pass.

Carlos Gruezo (5.9) - Gruezo had one of his worst outings since joining FCD, as he spent most of the match pushing forward, and accomplishing very little while doing so. He did manage two shots on goal, but clearly struggled in the attacking third. Gruezo had zero defensive actions, which is a complete shock, considering that defending is one of his biggest strengths.

Jacori Hayes (7.2) Man of the Match- Jacori was simply everywhere on the field against Portland, and had his third excellent showing in a row, good enough to earn MotM honors. Jacori was simply dazzling out there, but don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself:

Jacori has been nearly impossible to knock off the ball, and used that skill to get his first assist of the season, on the Lamah goal:

Jacori continues to be the best passer on the field for FC Dallas, leading the team yet again, with 91.5% passing accuracy, 1 key pass, the assist, was fouled four times, and beat three defenders on the dribble. He was again just as solid on defense, with two tackles, one interception, and one clearance. If there is a single knock to Hayes performance, it’s that he failed to take a single shot on goal.

Michael Barrios (6.4) - Michael had a very disappointing performance, as he struggled to get going offensively. Michael failed to tally a single shot on goal, and failed on all nine of his cross attempts. Michael had 77.8% passing accuracy on 27 attempts, with two key passes, and he beat three defenders on the dribble.

Mauro Diaz (6.8) - Mauro had another solid performance, and would have a higher rating, had he played the full match. Diaz had 87.5% passing accuracy on 41 passes, with two shots on goal, three key passes, he beat two defenders on the dribble, and was fouled four times. The one knock on Mauro, is that he continues to struggle to find the back of the net, having missed on his two shot attempts.

Roland Lamah (6.7)- Roland continued his stellar play from the Seattle match, in the first half, and quickly added his team leading third goal:

That goal gave FC Dallas the lead, which would be short lived. Lamah was unable to keep his stellar play going in the second half, as his performance began to fade, and was subbed off in the 75th minute, shortly after receiving a yellow card. Lamah finished with one goal on his lone shot attempt, 78.3% passing accuracy on 23 passes, and he pitched in on defense with three defensive actions.

Maxi Urruti (7.0) - Urruti may have failed to score, but he was very dangerous throughout, leading the team with five shot attempts. He had one key pass, 72.7% passing accuracy, and pitched in on defense with three defensive actions.


Ryan Hollingshead (6.5) - Ryan jumped into action at left back, when Nedyalkov was forced to leave due to injury in the 49th minute. This was the third different position that FCD’s resident Swiss Army Knife has played in as many games. Ryan was solid at left back, and had a team leading five interceptions, one tackle, 85.6% passing accuracy on 21 passes, beat one defender on the dribble, and had three cross attempts.

Santiago Mosquera (6.3) - Santi came on for Lamah in the 75th minute, and was certainly added more energy at that position. Santi had one shot at goal, whipped in four crosses, beat two defenders on the dribble, was fouled once, and had 71.4% passing accuracy. It's not very obvious, but Santi is actually showing overall improvement from week to week, and I would not be surprised if he's starting again very soon.

Cristian Colman (6.0) - Colman was simply not a factor in the match, and offered very little in the attack.


Oscar Pareja (6.3) - Oscars rating can easily be lower, as many people will blame him for failing to sub out Nedyalkov at the half. Others will be upset that Pax was not subbed in. Oscar gets some of the blame for failing to gain three points at home, but the players on the field, failing to perform, have to shoulder some of the blame as well.