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What we learned against the Portland Timbers

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Why Roland Lamah is just like Kanye West

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas labored to a 1-1 draw against the Portland Timbers. Dallas were outnumbered on shots on target by 6-2, but a red card to Lawrence Odum in the second half gave Dallas the advantage they needed to secure a point.

Maxi Urruti continues to be a problem

Here is Jimmy Maurer’s passing chart against Portland.


And here’s Maxi’s.


This should not be the passing chart of a player that played 90 minutes. Especially one who is not a poacher that only needs a touch or two in the box to impact the game. Maxi tries to be a creator as much as he is a scorer, and days like this just aren’t good enough.

Dallas look stale in the attack. They need to experiment early in the season. It’s time to finally figure out what Colman is made of once and for all. As long as Lamah keeps chugging along as he is, then Dallas can afford to gamble with who they start up top. Dallas needs to find a viable long term strategy to create goals and letting Maxi run wild isn’t it. They also need to figure out what they have in Colman before they call it quits on that experiment. And because my curiosity is killing me.

Fanendo Adi is MLS’ best villain

In the last three seasons of FC Dallas history, there is no player that has been more frustrating to play against than Fanendo Adi. He’s a dirty player, he’s strong, and he’s good. I take the chance to write about how much I hate him whenever I can, that’s actually why I started writing for Big D. I just wanted a pulpit that I could spread my Adi hate from.

Adi used to regularly terrorize Walker Zimmerman. I thought the problem was Adi was just too physical for Zimmerman, but I just watched Adi post up against Hedges and knock him to the ground. So maybe Adi is just FC Dallas’ kryptonite. He has 4 goals and 3 assists in 9 starts against Dallas and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

There is no team I am more horrified of matching up against in the playoffs than the Timbers and it’s because of Adi. Gruezo generally does an acceptable job of freezing out Valeri, but Dallas still does not have the answer for Adi’s unique mix of size and speed.

We like Lamah now

Much like Kanye West, people talk so much crap about Roland Lamah in barbershops, they forget to get their haircut. This isn’t where the similarities between Kanye and Lamah end. They’re both controversial, go missing for long periods of time, and are undeniably good at what they do (making music and scoring goals). That’s why we have to appreciate Lamah while he’s here, at any given minute he could disappear somewhere on the left wing mid-game and not been seen until he pops up for a hat trick a month or two later.

We asked the staff last week in a Quick Burn if they wanted Lamah to start this game, and surprisingly, everyone agreed that he should. It’s nice that he’s gotten some recognition for the things he does well. A lot of the flack he’s gotten was because he wasn’t the like for like replacement for Castillo that we were expecting. We thought we were getting an out and out winger with speed, but instead we got a more mature player that works inside. It took a while to realize that and he received a lot of criticism while we adjusted to a different style of left winger. Now that he’s getting results, people are coming around to his style of play. While this team doesn’t play like the Dallas teams of yore, Lamah is doing everything he can to help Dallas find an attacking identity.

(No, this isn’t revisionist history. Lamah has been my guy since I interviewed him last season.)