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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Getting three points was important in this one.

Game number two is in the books for the MLS Season and FC Dallas were able to get a win against a woeful Seattle Sounders team. Yes the Sounders were abysmal, but it didn’t take away from the excitement in the stadium. Also, to be fair, even before Seattle went down a man, they were constantly on their back foot. Unlike last year, Dallas was able to put bad a team to the sword in convincing fashion. Hopefully this match will be a springboard going forward, allowing the team to continue this run of form.

The Good

FC Dallas, once again, looked really fluid going forward. his a trend that goes back to their first game. Dallas was been able to get into dangerous spots in both games with some ease. The biggest difference this week is that they were able to finally put the ball in the net. In the past couple of games, FCD has struggled to finish the chances they were getting. Yes, they missed a couple more chances on Sunday (I’m looking at you Michael Barrios) , but they were able to finish enough off a couple of them to allow for a comfortable win.

This run of form is directly correlated to a healthy Mauro Diaz. He really does look like his old self again. He is a magician in the midfield pulling all the right strings. On top of that, he looks like he is finally able to use his body again to shield off opposing defenders (something he struggled with massively last year). It’s been very refreshing to see Mauro dropping dimes for players again.

The Bad

Paxton Pomykal came in and more or less finished off an weakened team. He didn’t end up on the score sheet, even though he very easily could of, but none the less was the most dangerous player on the pitch. Paxton, for the first time that I could remember, showed that he was ready for the MLS game. Again, I understand Seattle was down a man and not in the mood to play in the second half, but it didn’t stop Paxton from showing he belonged on the field.

Pomykal was running around, thru and past defenders for the majority of the time he was on the field. It really was all encapsulated in that one run, yes, that one.

Also, Paxton is more than just a speedy winger. He is actually more suited as a playmaker in the midfield, freeing up other players around him with his passing. Again, we have seen it at Dallas Cup and on the U18 level, but never really on this level. On Sunday, it looked like those skills have finally translated.

Lastly with the Paxton, it looks like the game has finally slowed down for him. Quarterbacks in the NFL always talk about when the speed of the game slows down for them. That allows them to be able to read defenses and ultimately make plays. The same holds true in soccer and it looks like it’s starting to happen for Paxton. Yes he was flashy, yes he was sliding in nice thru balls, but overall he was just very controlled comfortable in his game. Take a look at his passing chart. It’s very, very clean.

Paxton was a bad dude on Sunday and he’s only 18 years old. It was a joy to watch. Oh yeah, and he’s ‘One of our Own’.

The Ugly

Seattle’s overall game was a disaster. So much so, I have to remind myself to not get that excited about FCD getting the win. Yes, Dallas looked like a well oiled machine, but most teams do when there isn’t much resistance from opposing teams. Now, the Sounders have a lot of injuries currently and were playing the second game of the week, but that team looks like it has some serious issues going forward.

Where are they going to get goals from? Loderio and who? If they aren’t going to able to generate much offense, is that defense stingy enough to keep opposing teams off the score sheet? I worry that Seattle might be close to the end of the road with this current roster. Of course they can bring in some fresh new blood and save their season, but as the team stands now, how do they make the playoffs?

The West is going to be tight once again this year, but after two weeks, I would say that FC Dallas is good enough to have a fighting chance to return to the playoffs. The club just needs to continue to pick up as many points against teams that are playing ugly soccer now, which they were able to do on Sunday.

Two games are now in the books and FC Dallas is still undefeated early in the season. Sure we should take the results with a grain of salt, but it was fun to have a game with no stress. We go again Saturday afternoon against a Portland side that is off to a slow start, having not gotten a point in either of their first two games. Let’s keep the good times rolling next weekend!