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East Stand View: Adios Deuce

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A little gift from Dempsey helps lift FC Dallas.

Having a week off that early in the season was a little weird, but the fact we get three home games in a row to start the season is awesomeness. Sunday had fantastic weather for the match as long as the clouds did their fair share of shading. Seattle fans had only one chance to see their team in DFW for MLS regular season play, and they definitely took advantage of their one opportunity! Hall of Fame construction is coming along nicely, and the construction guy was there in the good ol’ hardhat. First though, about that weather and crowd...

Beautiful Day = Good Crowd

It’s a wonder what great weather will do for a game. In fact, the past two MLS home games have been really well attended. Hopefully the momentum can continue, and the performance on Sunday will hopefully encourage the large crowd to come back again in a week. The sun and the clouds were working together to not keep the crowd too cold or too hot from my perspective. Thankfully this early game wasn’t too far into summer or we’d have been melted into our chairs from the heat!

Seattle Sounders are slated to only visit DFW once this season in regular season MLS play and the number of booger-green shirts in the crowd meant they were taking advantage of their one opportunity. Didn’t get a chance to chat with any of them, but from I could tell they didn’t look too thrilled when their DP striker was sent off in the first half. Hopefully they’ll come back with their FC Dallas jerseys next week when we take on their rival the Portland Timbers. That’s just wishful thinking though.

Hall of Fame!

The Hall of Fame is looking much better after having a whole offseason of construction. The seats are now replaced with some awesome blue seats with white seats spelling out “FC Dallas” and the lone construction workers was out there once again. This time he had a better seat though, instead of the metal folder chair that he mainly used last season. I wonder if he’ll still come to matches after the construction is all done?

And finally your fan quote of the day: “Na na na na! Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!!” The chant during Dempsey’s red carded walk of shame.

Who was there this Sunday and where were you sitting? Did anybody get a chance to chat with some Sounders fans before/during/after the match? Do you think the lone construction worker will come to games even when the construction is done? Let me know in the comments below!!