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FC Dallas Squad Rankings: March 2018

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Where do the players stand within the squad?

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first ever Squad Rankings. We take a look at the matches played across all competitions, and rank players based on several things: Being on the 18, subbing in, starts, minutes played, player ratings/performance (goals, assists, clean sheets, etc., etc), results (Win-Loss-Tie). I’ll also be including awards earned, such as “Man of the Match”, “Workhorse of the Week”, “MLS Team of the Week”, etc., etc.

The Squad Rankings will be posted every first week of the month, and on weeks without scheduled matches. A player must have seen minutes in a match, to receive points for team results (Win=3 points, Loss=0 points, Tie=1 point). Friendlies and scrimmages will not be considered in the rankings.

You have questions, I know, I know. First, let’s take a look at the rankings.

FC Dallas match recap: SCCL Leg 1, Lost 1-0 at Tauro FC. SCCL Leg 2, 3-2 home win against Tauro FC (eliminated from SCCL on 3-3 aggregate, due to allowing a Road Goal), MLS Week 1, 1-1 home draw against Real Salt Lake.

#20 Kyle Zobeck (1 point), was on the bench for the RSL match.

#19 Kris Reaves (2 points), has made the bench for the last two matches.

#18 Tesho Akindele (0-1-0, 4.1 points), has been on the bench for all three matches, and has only played 14 minutes, coming off the bench in the 1-0 loss at Tauro FC.

#17 Anton Nedyalkov (0-1-0, 6.5 points), started in the loss at Tauro FC. Anton played 54 minutes, before having to leave due to arthritis in his ankle. The “Bulgarian Barbarian” has failed to see the bench in the last two matches, as he recovers from his injury.

#16 Roland Lamah (1-0-1, 8.3 points), has been on the bench for all three matches so far, and came on as a sub for the last two matches, playing a total of 54 minutes. Lamah hasn’t really stood out in both of his appearances, but has been on the field for critical moments, that have resulted in a win and a draw for FC Dallas.

#15 Jimmy Maurer (0-0-1, 9.1 points), got his first MLS start against RSL, and earned a 1-1 draw. Jimmy was solid, but didn’t really have much to do in a two save performance. Jimmy was also on the bench, for the two matches against Tauro FC.

#14 Cristian Colman (1-0-1, 9.3 points), like Lamah, has been on the bench for all three matches, and has been on the field in critical moments for FCD during the last two matches. Colman scored a goal against Tauro FC, that helped secure at least a 3-2 home victory for FC Dallas, but not a series win against Tauro FC. Cristian has seen only 37 minutes of action off the bench.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

#13 Jacori Hayes (0-0-1, 10.5 points), got the start against RSL ahead of Ulloa, and proceeded to dazzle in the 1-1 draw. Jacori had the kind of match that should earn him more starts, or at least significant minutes in the weeks to come. Jacori was one of the best players on the field against RSL, displaying the kind of growth that many FCD fans could only dream of seeing from him. Jacori was the “Workhorse of the Week” for the 1st week of MLS action.

Note: Jacori Hayes won the “Workhorse of the Week”, despite only playing in one of the two matches played that week. Jacori received a point due to winning the award, but due to Jacori not having played in the SCCL Leg Two win against Tauro FC, a point was awarded to the runner-up for that week. Rito Ziegler was the runner-up this past week, and also happened to play in the match against Tauro FC, so he earns a point for that week.

#12 Ryan Hollingshead (1-1-1, 14.4 points), started in the 3-2 win against Tauro FC, and came off the bench in the other two matches. Ryan has displayed his “Swiss Army Man” versatility, by playing on the left wing in the first two matches, then subbing on for Reggie Cannon at right back in the 1-1 draw against RSL.

#11 Jesse Gonzalez (1-1-0, 15.9 points), started both matches against Tauro FC, losing 1-0 on the road, while earning a 3-2 home win. Jesse did not look to be in good form, allowing three goals, with only two saves, in the Tauro FC series loss. Jesse did not make the bench against RSL, as he recovers from some minor bumps and bruises from the first two matches.

#10 Victor Ulloa (1-1-0, 16.3 points), started both matches against Tauro FC, but only played 35 minutes in the 3-2 win against Tauro FC. Victor made the bench for the RSL match, but did not see any action in the 1-1 draw. This has to be a bit concerning for Ulloa, who’s minutes might be in jeopardy, due to Jacori’s play.

#9 Maynor Figueroa (1-1-1, 18.3 points), replaced Anton Nedyalkov following his injury in the 1-0 away loss to Tauro FC, and has started every match since. Maynor has clearly lost a step, and is one of the current starters who’s most in danger of losing his starting job.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

#8 Santiago Mosquera (1-1-1, 19.1 points), started two matches for FC Dallas, the 1-0 loss at Tauro FC, and the 1-1 draw against RSL. Santi also came off the bench in the 3-2 win against Tauro FC, providing the assist on the winning goal. Santi has looked great in spurts, but has also disappeared for stretches at a time, and still looks like he needs more time to adjust to his new teammates.

#7 Matt Hedges (1-1-1, 21.9 points), has started all three matches for FC Dallas, playing every single minute, and has clearly been a shadow of his former self. Hedges has simply continued his play from the end of last season, and shows no sign of improvement.

#6 Reggie Cannon (1-1-1, 22.9), has started every match for FC Dallas, having his ups and downs in all three starts. Reggie has shown flashes of what many fans hoped he would provide at right back, but has also made enough mistakes to make some fans nervous about the lack of competition at that position.

#5 Carlos Gruezo (1-1-1, 23 points), has started every match for FC Dallas, and has been his usual rock solid self. Carlos has not really stood out in the stat sheets, but does all the dirty work that rarely shows up in the stats anyway.

#4 Michael Barrios (1-1-1, 23.3 points), is another player that has played every single minute for FC Dallas so far. Michael continues to terrorize the opposition with his dangerous marauding runs down the right flank, but has yet to gain a goal, or an assist.

#3 Reto Ziegler (1-1-1, 24.1 points), has manned the left center back position for all three matches, and made himself at home there. Reto has been one of the few bright spots, on a defense that has allowed four goals over three matches.

#2 Maxi Urruti (1-1-1, 24.7 points), has started of the year in similar fashion to the start of last season. Urruti has 1 goal, forced the RSL own goal, and earned “Man of the Match” in the 1-1 draw against RSL. Urruti continues to display his limitless gas tank, and was just nipped for the top spot on these rankings.

#1 Mauro Diaz (1-1-1, 25.3 points), hasn’t looked this good since 2016. Mauro has one goal, and earned “Workhorse of the Week” for his play in the 1-0 loss at Tauro FC. While Mauro hasn’t played every single minute, he has looked like the best player on the field, every minute he has played. As good as Mauro has looked, it is clear that he could still do much, much more. His aim has been particularly lacking so far, and FC Dallas needs those shots to start finding their mark.

Any questions? Which players are too high? Which players are too low?