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Ask Big D Soccer: Transfers to FC Dallas, offensive woes and more

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Another round of questions with answers.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

A bye weekend in March is still something I’m not sure I’ll be able to get used to. While we had some extra space to wrap our brains around Daylight Saving Time this weekend, FC Dallas trained to get ready for their second home game of the year against Seattle.

We went back to the Twitter mailbox to get your questions today ahead of that Seattle game and your all bought it.

Predictability in the attack

If you look at the team right now, yes, this team lacks a bite in the attack after three competitive games. This is why we’re seeing such an emphasis on formation switching by bringing in attacking talent like Santiago Mosquera and Michael Barrios up front more to having guys like Roland Lamah and Cristian Colman come off the bench. Oscar Pareja is trying everything he can to find that magic spark to get the offense going, because let’s face it, three games in and only four goals scored isn’t terrible but it isn’t going to keep pace in MLS.

We know one thing though about the way Oscar coaches things, he loves speed on the wings and the creative juice flowing through Mauro Diaz in the middle. When it works and the team is actively using the wings in Mosquera, Barrios and the wing backs pushing up the field like what we’ve been getting out of Reggie Cannon so far, it looks good to the eye-ball test.

The problem though for me comes down to finishing, or the lack there of at this point. We know about Colman’s troubles in front of the net. Maxi Urruti is a streaky striker too. When he is on, he is really on. But when he isn’t as dialed in, the open chances that he misses are some times as bad as Colman. Basically, if the finishing can get back to what we saw in 2016, and at brief times in early 2017, this team will be just fine.

New signings?

It is Fernando Clavijo’s job to always be on the hunt. Let’s get that out of the way first and foremost. I totally believe him when he says he is in the hunt and is close to another signing too. The roster has the holes to fill in the back portion of it right now. If it is just Amer Sasivarevic, I don’t think that is the worst thing either as there is a need for depth in the midfield still.

My one concern about how things were constructed this offseason is the amount of internationals that were brought in and the lack of international roster slots to go with it. Part of this is due to how Barrios and Lamah are in the long process for a green card at the moment (note: we’ve had conflicting reports that they both had green cards already but the club has assured us that they have not finalized those said green cards as of this writing). I’m saying all of that because, right now there isn’t an easy way for Clavijo to add any additional international players during this current MLS transfer window. He’s got to be creative in what he can get.

Sasivarevic has shown well in training this winter, so that may be good enough for right now but we know his work isn’t done on this season.

I also wouldn’t be shocked to see a trade within the league for more depth when it all comes down to it.

Future transfers

I think ‘high level’ transfer can mean a lot of things to different people. We’re seeing this in MLS right now with the influx of Targeted Allocation Money across the board that is helping bring in new talent to the league. Did last year put FCD behind the eight-ball with their bigger signings? I think you could easily make the case that it did but I would also predict that Clavijo and company made up for it this winter with guys like Reto Ziegler, Anton Nedyalkov and Mosquera. All three should be impact players this season.

Going into next year, they’ll have to find a way to continue to up their scouting game and signings. Teams like Toronto and Atlanta may out spend the rest of MLS but they’re also building really smart and balanced rosters too. I don’t believe FCD is too far behind in the balanced side of things and if this new transfer rule goes in place for Homegrown players (meaning FCD could sell Kellyn Acosta and keep all the profits), that would help them be able to spend a little smarter in future transfer windows.

Thank you guys for the good questions this week. We’ll return again next week with another round. So be on the look out for #AskBDS on Twitter.