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FC Dallas vs Tauro FC: Match Predictions

Our staff feels pretty good about this game.

The new season begins here for FC Dallas as they take on Tauro FC in the Round of 16 of the CONCACAF Champions League. The first leg kicks off later tonight in Panama City as the new looked FCD squad take the field for the first meaningful game of 2018.

After a couple draws in the preseason, FC Dallas looks to earn a big win to begin their year. A lot may rest on the feet of Mauro Diaz as he looks to lead this team to Champions League glory.

As always we like to poll our staff for match predictions and for this one we’re feeling a bit confident that FC Dallas can earn a good result tonight.

BDS Standings

Position Name Point Total
Position Name Point Total
1 Drew Epperley 29
2 Jared Tilley 27
3 Nathan Hill 26
4 Ben Lyon 22
5 Jeff Loftin 20
6 Etan Cohn 18
7 Mohammad Bushnaq 18
8 Jack Rouse 18
9 Jason Poon 17
10 Ryan Scanlon 16
11 Scott Hiney 9
12 Jose Carmona 8
13 Andrew Gentry 4
14 Cody Gamond 2
15 Preston Wetherington 2
16 Noah Riffe 1

How do you see tonight shaking out? Do you think FCD can score a good result or will they be left needing a good come back performance next week when the series shifts to Frisco? Let us know your predictions below.