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Showing the Love: FC Dallas Valentines

These boys know love isn’t just a game

Love is certainly in the air, and it wafts no more than it does in the halls of Toyota Stadium. The men of FC Dallas certainly want to score goals and win games, but they’re also looking for love this Valentine’s Day.

Kellyn is looking to build off a 2017 campaign that got off to a scorching start, but he’s also a man clearly smitten.

Maxi has quickly endeared himself to the FCD faithful, but he’s especially looking to endear himself to that special someone.

He’s young and in love.

A new face around these parts, Reto won’t be slow to chase after his heart’s desire.

When he scores, he scores a lot and when he loves, he gives it all he’s got.

Jesse’s number one between the pipes, and he wants that same spot in your life.

Faithful and reliable are words used not only to describe Matt on the field, but also inside of a love that’s real.

You’ve seen him make it on the pitch, why not let Mauro add some magic to your love life, too?

Fig’s just playing coy. Like Sandra D and Danny, you’re definitely the one that he wants.

He’ll lock down more than the Hoops’ defense this season, Reggie’s looking to find a love that’ll truly last.

He’s a brand-new face, but Santi’s already looking to put a smile on your face.

There’s nothing the Canadian won’t do to capture the love of someone as sweet as you.

You might see him save a penalty, but Jimmy’s also looking for a love that’s meant to be.