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Quick Burns: What should the FC Dallas USL team be named?

Thursday the real name is revealed but until then, we’re going to speculate.

For some time now, we’ve all wondered what the FC Dallas USL team would be named. On Thursday afternoon, we’ll finally find out the name and logo of the team, as well as the club’s first player signing and general manager.

But until then, our team decided to spend time speculating what they would like to see the name be for this new club. So far some USL squads for MLS teams have been creative (Swope Park Rangers for SKC, Bethlehem Steel for Philadelphia) and then some not so creative names with teams adding 2 or B after their MLS name.

Jose Carmona - Frisco City FC

I like the simplicity of FC FC. It’s easy to remember, and gives the team a local connection.

With the team being a reserve team, it will likely not have much in the form of attendance. Those that do make it to the games, will likely be local residents, so the name should be aimed at them.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Dallas Burn

In the spirit of Quick Burns, nothing like nostalgia to help rile up the masses. Bring the Burn back and let’s party like it’s the 90s. I think you have plenty of opportunity to have fun in the lower divisions of soccer and the Burn would allow for some en fuego marketing campaigns.

Jeff Loftin - DFW Cyclones

Since DFW Tornados has already been used several times, I thought something similar would fit. It is generic, cliche, and somewhat silly, therefore I find it perfect for the new franchise. Give the team any name you want, but what we should call it is the “Road to Keeping our Own Players.”

Nathan Hill - Hall of Fame FC

My name doesn’t make any sense if the team plays at other locations throughout the DFW area, meaning that it’s probably not even under consideration. It’s also objectively a bad name for a soccer team. However, Hall of Fame FC sounds prestigious, points fans back to the Hall of Fame facilities in Frisco, and could even be the eventual landing spot for washed up soon to be Hall of Famers who want one last paycheck. Can’t you glimpse the synergy? Imagine this promotion: every ticket to watch Hall of Fame FC also serves as one free ticket into the Hall of Fame itself. Imagine the team bringing along rotating exhibitions to show to the community some of the incredible historical artifacts available to see firsthand in the museum. Imagine Clint Dempsey coming out of retirement to play one promotional match with Hall of Fame FC before a raucous crowd. Just... imagine.

Jason Poon - Dallas Calves

Just lean in on the whole baby bull thing that’s on the team logo and Tex Hooper.

Ben Lyon - FC Bullet

I would love this new project to be successful, but I don’t know how much branding will make this into something uniquely exciting in the market. For that reason, I’m going to invoke a talisman that people stick in those things they love so dern much. This brand is edgy and invokes a message about the team’s potentially lethal attack. What’s more, it not only shares a name with the greatest song about the JFK assassination (which occurred in our fair burg), but also the name of the horse that rides in after Oklahoma State scores a touchdown. How awesome would it be if a horse bolted out on the field after the good guys score? For me, I’d like the rider to be a long-haired dude with massive mutton chops- a latter day Corn Mo, for those familiar with the local music scene of yore. It would be a bonus if he was an accordion virtuoso, but maybe we could just play that over the PA.

Drew Epperley - Metroplex FC

The announcement of the team a few weeks back made me think that calling out both Dallas and Fort Worth was a smart move. So let’s go all in on it with the name.

What name do you have for the new USL side? Let us know your best name below.