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RUMOR: Zanotta to replace Muzzi in Soccer Operations

Could this be the newest member of the FC Dallas front office?

Our new rumored Executive Director

Luiz Muzzi officially departed the organization on Monday according to Orlando City SC (yet to see confirmation from our friends in Frisco). As a result, he left behind a gaping hole in the decision-making authority for scouting and transfers in the club. Muzzi had supported our dear friend Fernando Clavijo in the past (get well soon, Fernando) and was named the replacement when Fernando had to step away for personal reasons.

However, a new rumor surfaced this morning from our Twitter-search extraordinaire Jose Carmona.

Translated: André Zanotta is leaving Grêmio to become executive director of football operations at MLS FC Dallas. He replaces Luiz Muzzi, a Brazilian who will be VP of soccer in Orlando City, joining Ricardo Moreira, hired a month ago as the club’s soccer director.

This would definitely be an interesting approach and would make a lot of sense in piecing the puzzle together given that Dallas has been chasing Bressan from Grêmio as reported here a couple of weeks ago.

So, what do you think? Are you intrigued about the new frontier with a new potential soccer mind coming from South America? Would you have preferred someone who is familiar with MLS like Dario Sala?