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FIFA 19 Challenge: FC Dallas vs. Liga MX

Join us for some FIFA 19 challenges, involving your favorite team.

Welcome to FIFA 19 Challenge! You know me from Hoops Home & Abroad, the FC Dallas Player Ratings, plus I love to spread FC Dallas Transfer Rumors (verified, unverified, and sometimes made up!). What you don’t know about me, is that I am a huge fan of the FIFA franchise. I’ve been playing FIFA as long as I can remember, and currently own every title dating back to FIFA 13. I have tried every mode available on FIFA, but my unquestioned favorite is Manager Career!

Note: You do not need to own FIFA 19 to do these challenges, as they can be done with most FIFA titles

I love taking over as the Manager of FC Dallas, and building the team into an unstoppable MLS Dynasty. What? You say you have done that already? Perhaps you would rather play a different team in a different league? Perhaps you don’t find FIFA challenging enough, or simply don’t find Manager Career fun any more?

Then you have come to the right place! Having played FIFA Manager Career forever and a day, at some point I started to wonder “what if?”. This is a common question asked by the legion of FIFA Manager Career mode fans, and as a result, many have devised ways to make the game more interesting, more fun, or just more challenging.

There are so many different ways to change up Manager Career, that I will be posting a weekly FIFA 19 Challenge for the remainder of the offseason.

Our very first challenge, comes strait from today’s news:

The sensational story, is that MLS and Liga MX have discussed a possible merger following the 2026 World Cup. Why wait till 2026? You can begin to merge the leagues today!

FC Dallas vs. Liga MX

This is the first of three challenges, and it has a simple backstory (for those of you craving realism). With talks between both leagues about the merger hitting a wall, both leagues agree to show they are both very serious about the 2026 merger. To show proof that both leagues are quite serious about the 2026 merger, MLS and Liga MX agree to swap one team until the merger gets finalized. FC Dallas, with its proximity to Mexico, and its strong latin culture, is the team selected for this bold adventure.

To ensure that FC Dallas can be competitive in Liga MX, MLS has waived all salary cap requirements for the team, and raised the teams transfer budget to just over 16 million dollars (even more if you have the +60% perk). Now you are ready to lead your team to...........wait, you didn’t know that in FIFA Manager Career, teams from one league could be swapped with teams from other leagues? Why didn’t you say so?

Note: If you have never played Manager Career mode, here are some excellent tips to get you started - 11 Tips for starting your FIFA 18 Career Mode right

Before I get to the objectives (there are several) that have to be met, to complete this challenge, allow me to show you how to swap teams between leagues:

  1. Select the Play Tab
  2. Select New Career
  3. Select Manager Career
  4. Select perks (if applicable)
  5. Select Advance

6. Select Swap Teams (make sure FC Dallas is highlighted) by pressing the triangle (on Playstation 4), or pressing Y (on Xbox 1)

7. Use your left thumb stick (or directional pad) to highlight Rest Of World

8. Use your left thumb stick (or directional pad) to scroll left or right, until you reach Mexico.

9. Use your left thumb stick (or directional pad) to highlight the club being displayed (America), or scroll left or right to highlight another club

10. Select Swap Teams by pressing X (on Playstation 4) or pressing A (on Xbox 1). You will notice that America (or the Liga MX club of your choice) is now located in the United States

11. Use your left thumb stick (or directional pad) to highlight United States

12. Use your left thumb stick (or directional pad) to scroll left or right, until you reach Mexico

13. Use your left thumb stick (or directional pad) to highlight the club being displayed (Atlas, or America if you chose a different Liga MX club)

14. Scroll left or right to highlight FC Dallas and select Advance by pressing X (on Playstation 4) or pressing A (on Xbox 1)

15. Enter your Manager information, and hit Done once you are satisfied. Finally, fill out your game options, and select Advance to begin the game.

Congratulations! FC Dallas is now a member of Liga MX!

Did I lose you somewhere? Here is a handy dandy video, that explains how the process works (but with a different team, moving to a different league):

Now that FC Dallas is a member of Liga MX, here are your objectives to complete this challenge:


  1. Finish 1st on the Apertura Table
  2. Win the Apertura Playoffs
  3. Finish 1st on the Clausura Table
  4. Win the Clausura Playoffs

Conference MX

Now that you know how to move FC Dallas to Liga MX, you can actually move multiple teams between MLS and Liga MX. For this Challenge, you will integrate FC Dallas and eight other random MLS teams into Liga MX (move nine random liga MX teams).

To achieve this, follow the same instructions as before, but after FC Dallas is swapped with a team in Mexico, do not hit advance. Instead select another United States team and another Mexico team, until you have swapped nine total MLS teams (including FCD) with nine Liga MX teams. Trust me on keeping teams other than FCD random, as the final challenge will involve a specific team list. When it’s all said and done, Liga MX will be evenly split between Mexico and United States/Canada teams.


  1. Finish 1st on the Apertura Table
  2. Win the Apertura Playoffs
  3. Finish 1st on the Clausura Table
  4. Win the Clausura Playoffs
  5. Win the combined Liga MX and MLS Shield - Finish with more combined Apertura and Clausura points (Playoff points excluded) than the top team on the MLS table.

Yes, you can check the standings in other leagues

Super Liga

For this challenge, you will remain in MLS. Merging FC Dallas and the 22 highest rated teams from Liga MX and MLS. The composition of the Super League includes all three Canada based teams, 10 United States based teams, and 10 Mexico based teams.

Here is the list of the 23 highest rated teams (meeting the required National breakdown):

Canada - Toronto FC, Montreal Impact, and Vancouver Whitecaps

United States - Atlanta United, FC Dallas, LA Galaxy, LAFC, NYCFC, NY Red Bull, Orlando City (optional), Portland Timbers (optional), Seattle Sounders, and Sporting Kansas City

Mexico - America, Cruz Azul, Guadalajara, Leon, Monterrey, Pachuca, Santos Laguna, Tigres UANL, Toluca, and UNAM (optional)

Note: The “optional” teams are tied with many teams rating wise, but have the highest Transfer Budgets. You may chose other teams to replace them, based on whatever criteria you desire, but those three “optional” teams are the only ones you are allowed to replace on the list. keep in mind that if you wish to have more than 10 Liga MX teams, you can replace the two “optional” United States teams with two Mexico teams.


  1. Win the US Open Cup
  2. Win the Shield (Finish 1st on the league table)
  3. Win MLS Cup

The level of difficulty in achieving these objectives and completing any of these three challenges, is really up to you as a player. A player who chooses to simulate through all the games, will have a completely different experience than a player who chooses to play through all or most of the games.

Players with different skill levels, should have different goals in mind, and as such, here are some recommendations:

  1. Novice Player - Should play through games in Amatuer, Semi-Pro, or Profesional setting, and should aim to complete each challenge within five seasons (per challenge)
  2. Experienced Player - Should play through games at a minimum setting of World Class, and should aim to complete each challenge within three seasons (per challenge)
  3. Expert Players - You guys know what you are doing, and as such, I expect one of the three following things to happen - a. All three challenges will be achieved within one season, b. You will add your own “additional” objectives, c. both a and b

So those are the three challenges for this week. I hope you try one of the challenges, or are motivated to try a similar challenge with your team and leagues of choice. Feel free to hit me up with any questions, suggestions, recommendations, observations, or ask for help. As a long time gamer, I’m full of tips and tricks, and I am more than glad to share them. See you next week

Career Manager Tip

At the start of each season, make sure you go over your entire roster, and decide which players you plan to replace, which players you are willing to part with, and which players are not going anywhere.

  1. Block all offers for players you do not wish to part with, immediately, so that you may not be tempted by some high money offer. Often times, you will find out that there is not a suitable replacement for your departed player in the Transfer Market, or that you have insufficient time to scout for a suitable replacement.
  2. Always offer a Player Swap when negotiating a player transfer with another team. Make sure that one of the players you offer, is a player you plan to replace. The other team will either accept the player offer plus an additional money amount (aim for the amount to be the difference in value between the players involved in the swap), or they will tell you what positions they are looking for, to facilitate the transfer. Even if they turn down all the players you are willing to offer, the fact that you have offered a player swap, will allow you to ignore their player’s form (the better the form, the more money they will want), and you will be able to offer just under their player’s base value.