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FIFA 19 Challenge: Financial Difficulties

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This week, we give you one of the tougher challenges.

Welcome back to another FIFA 19 Challenge. This week’s challenge is a tough one, as you will take over a team that has been stripped of its most valuable assets.

Note: You do not need to own FIFA 19 to take these challenges, as they can be achieved with most FIFA titles.

This challenge is originally designed as a punishment for teams who have violated the FIFA Financial Fair Play Rules. I know you can’t actually envision the FC Dallas owners running afoul of those rules, but you can envision them falling on financial hard times. In this particular case, the owners are on the cusp of bankruptcy, but MLS with the whole “Single Entity” deal, steps in and rescues the team.

Note: You can use any team, in any league for this challenge, so long as you lose your top 10 players, and turn of the early transfer window.

In this challenge, MLS punishes the team for having to rescue them from their financial failures, by strippin the team of their biggest assets.......their players. You will be tasked with taking the top nine FCD field players, and the top GK (Gonzalez), and removing them from the team, before you begin your FC Dallas Manager Career.

No, you will not send those 10 players to free agency, you will do a very MLS thing instead, send those 10 players to other MLS teams. This will both prevent you from simply re-signing some of those players to your roster from free agency, but also to strengthen the rest of the league at your expense. You can select the 10 teams yourself, or do it random, but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s how to customize your team:

You will now be forced to rely on players you’d rather keep on the bench (Figueroa, Tesho), or players you were probably looking forward to getting rid of (Colman). You will also find that your team will also now be extremely thin across the backline, and at some of the other positions. To further complicate matters, due to the MLS season starting in March, you will not be able to get help through the transfer window until July. Which brings me to your final punishment, for the first 5 years, besides free agent signings and academy signings, you will only be allowed to transfer players from within MLS.

Challenge Requirements:

  1. Before starting career mode, you will transfer the top nine field players, and your top Gk to 10 MLS teams.
  2. For the first five seasons, you may only transfer players from within MLS.

Challenge Objectives:

  1. Win the Shield (best regular season record)
  2. Win the US Open Cup
  3. Win MLS Cup.
  4. This challenge will be rather brutal for the newer players. The first half of the first season could very well get you fired, which brings me to the final objective. Don’t get fired.