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FIFA 19 Challenge: For Club & Country

Lead both your favorite team, and the National team, to glory.

Welcome to another week of FIFA 19 Challenge. This week we feature a classic Career Manager challenge, For Club and Country!

Note: You do not need to own FIFA 19 to take these challenges, as they can be achieved with most FIFA titles.

This weeks challenge is actually two challenges built into one. You will have to manage both your club, and your national team to glory. This sounds simple enough, but there’s a catch, that will make things rather difficult for you.

For Club & Country

There are clubs around the world, that take a very Nationalistic approach to their operations. These are clubs that consistently emphasize “homegrown” players, regional talent, or national players. The most well known team around this neck of the world is Chivas De Guadalajara (Liga MX), which exclusively fields Mexican players.

This then, is your challenge this week. Take FC Dallas and field strictly American born players. You have until the beginning of the second season, to clear your roster of all non-American born players. That’s right, this is going to be a strict USA players only playthrough.

Challenge Requirements:

  1. You may only have USA born players on your roster, by the start of season 2.
  2. You may only have your youth scout (just one) recruit youth talent in the USA.
  3. You may only sign USA born players in free agency.

Challenge Objectives:

  1. Win the Shield (best regular season record)
  2. Win the US Open Cup
  3. Win MLS Cup

As stated earlier, this is a two-part challenge. For the second part of this challenge, you will take the reigns of the US Men’s National Team, and take them all the way to the top. You can wait until you receive an offer to coach the USMNT, which could take several seasons. The faster option, is to use one of the perks available for purchase with your accumulated FIFA points, and that is to get the Receive National Team manager offer. Be warned, for the perk to work, you yourself must have USA as your country of origin.

England v United States - International Friendly Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Secondary Challenge Requirement:

  1. Manage the US Men’s National Team

Secondary Challenge Objectives:

  1. Qualify for the World Cup
  2. Win the World Cup

The interesting part about managing both the USMNT, and a team that takes a strict nationalistic approach, is that you will be in a great position to develop the best talent for both teams.

Advanced Tips

This week, there is no real advanced tip. I will however, point you to one of the best FIFA sites for Career Manager mode players.

FIFA Scouting Tips

This site has a wealth of information, particularly their archives of past FIFA games. Their tips on everything from cheap players, to recommending which teams to play, is absolutely priceless.