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2018 FC Dallas player recap: Jimmy Maurer

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Backup or starter? Jimmy Maurer made a strong case that he could start for a number of teams in this league, but does he have a future with FCD?

MLS: Minnesota United FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The long time minor league journeyman finally had his chance in the major leagues and made the most of it. Jimmy Maurer was signed as a replacement for longtime fan favorite, Chris Seitz and made an early claim to the starting position to begin the 2018 campaign. Though Maurer isn’t as spectacular as Jesse Gonzalez in the shot stopping acrobats, Mauer was no slouch either and came up big when called upon.

Stat Breakdown

Maurer started 13 games this season, starting the first 10 games of the season and pushing Gonzalez to up his game before relinquishing starting duties to him. Maurer started the first six games of the season with three clean sheets and ended the year with a 5-2-6 record.

Game That Best Sums Up Jimmy

Mauer was the ideal professional. Despite this being his first year in the league, Maurer definitely was a leader and a reliable veteran. Happy to start, happy to back up, happy to support the team, happy to do whatever is needed. In other words, Maurer was just whatever this team needed him to be and this double save (and seriously, how did this not win MLS Save of the Year?), best captured Maurer.

Here it is again from a different angle.

Maurer was left high and dry; forced into a ridiculous save then having to deal with a follow up shot when someone should’ve provided better cover. Jimmy did his thing, first palming the initial volley away with a strong right hand, before batting away the follow up with his left to parry the shot away.

2019 Outlook

The tricky part about goalkeepers is their value. Tim Howard is a prime example of how spending $3 million on a keeper in this league is absolute stupidity. At $122,500 Maurer is right at the sweet spot. Decent for a backup keeper, an absolute steal for a starter. With the expansion draft coming soon, it would seem Maurer is gonna be selected. For Maurer, that may not be a bad thing as he deserves a shot as a starter in this league. But it’s been really nice knowing that this team has two starting caliber players in the keeper position. Let’s hope Cincinnati has no idea what they’re doing and opt to pass on Maurer.