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2018 FC Dallas Player Recap: Moises Hernandez

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Veteran homegrown, returns to the fold.

2018 saw the return of Moises Hernandez to FC Dallas, after having spent his previous two seasons in Guatemala playing for Comunicaciones. The former FC Dallas Homegrown signee had seen action in 46 matches while in Guatemala, with starts at Left back, and Center back.

Out of contract when this summer began, Moises spent over a month training with FC Dallas. It was no surprise then, when FC Dallas officially signed Moises on July 31, 2018. FC Dallas was really thin in the defensive backline at the time of his signing, so everyone saw Moises returning to FC Dallas, as a common sense move.

Stats Breakdown

Moises made the 18 for FC Dallas on three occasions, but never saw action with the team this season. After those three appearances on the bench, Moises was loaned out to USL side San Antonio FC on September 6, 2018.

Moises started six matches at Left back for San Antonio FC. In those matches, Moises averaged 80.5% passing accuracy, he had 15 clearances, three blocks, nine interceptions, a 60% success rate on tackles, 46.2% success rate on duels, and 61.5% success rate on Aerials.

2018 Game that best typifies Moises

On September 22, Moises started at center back for San Antonio FC, against playoff bound Saint Louis FC. Moises was having a solid night on defense, when........., well, see for yourself:

This match is a reminder that although Moises has a load of talent, and a ton of experience, he still allows his emotions to get the best of him from time to time. That red card would be Moises only card in his 537 minutes of USL action.

2019 Outlook

Moises is signed for next season, and is a player who’s position in the team next season, we can easily define. Next season, FC Dallas will finally launch a reserve team in the newly created USL League One (Division 3). He is the perfect player for a loan to FC Dallas II. As a Homegrown player himself, he will be a perfect mentor and veteran presence for what will likely be a very young FC Dallas II team. Moises is the kind of player that can be called up on short notice to the senior team, should FC Dallas find itself thin in the defensive backline, or should FC Dallas want to lean on it’s reserves for US Open Cup action.