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East Stand View: Water Break!

Rain struck late in the game and kicked people out.

MLS: Orlando City SC at FC Dallas Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

There was a chance of rain, but that news didn’t seem to worry too many people as the seats filled up nicely on Saturday night in Frisco. Orlando City was in town with their season already over and for the second to the last regular season game in Frisco. This season has flown by, so much so that the rain decided to bring itself into the game to try and let us savor one of the last home games of the regular season. With only one more home game to go, people seemed to make their way to the stadium to pack the house...

Way More People

Orlando didn’t strike me as a team that would attract a large crowd. And with the predicted weather I didn’t really see the stadium getting filled. Certainly didn’t see the parking situation being as insane as it was. Luckily, once the rain came and everyone left the stadium and took their cars with them, it meant that after the game the roads and parking lots were pretty easy to breeze through. The goals and the rain both came late in this one.

Late Goals & Late Rain

FC Dallas reigned supreme in this match, and the skies decided to do some raining of it’s own. It started sprinkling a little, with a couple rain drops here and there. Then after only a couple brief minutes it became a downpour with most of the crowd immediately heading for the exits. It was disappointing as the crowd was incredible up to that point. Thankfully, the supporters groups always seem to tough it out during these downpours and provide some entertainment for those of us also toughing it out.

The Supporters Groups stayed and chanted through the rain delay even as most of the stadium cleared out. A number of people hid in the Soccer Hall of Fame section as a new fresh place to chill while it rains. I managed to get to the bathroom before getting completely drenched. Although it didn’t save me from the wet seats that we ended up having to sit in. Now worries as FC Dallas made sure they were worth the wait seeing out the lead they took into the water break.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “People love to throw out the term ‘Mickey Mouse team’, Orlando is quite literally THE Mickey Mouse team.” You sir are technically correct, the best kind of correct.

Did you stay through the rain delay this time? If so, where did you chill while the torrent poured untold amounts of water onto Frisco? Was this your first rain delay or are you a weathered veteran (pun intended)? Let me know in the comments below!