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East Stand View: Playoff Team

There are times we look like a playoff team. Not this time.

MLS: FC Dallas at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was decision day in MLS this past Sunday with FC Dallas closing their season in Colorado visiting the one team that we should be able to beat as their name isn’t San Jose Earthquakes. It’s always weird seeing one of our own in another team’s jersey, especially one you watched debut in person. It looked like the Rapids’ fans didn’t really want to come out to the match against FC Dallas, and with their team’s performance this season who can blame them. FCD’s performance in this game wasn’t exactly good however...

We Can’t Score

Yes, we scored a goal this game, a nice run by Dominque Badji set up Maxi Urruti for possibly the easiest goal he’ll ever score early in the game. However, with the plethora of chances that we had throughout this game, and really all three of our straight losses in a row we haven’t really been able to score. This wasn’t our second stringers, Portland rested their starters this past weekend and they’ll have a fully rested roster on October 31st for the most part. Sure, FC Dallas is playing at home this weekend, but we might be coming out flat on such a short week especially after most of our starters played the full match out in Colorado. One player that once played for us, was now in an opposition jersey though...

Acosta and the crowd

It was nice seeing Kellyn Acosta, and while we were winning, I was feeling kinda bad for him. Young guy coming from a 1st place team to a team that was seemingly eliminated by the 5th week he was there. Then facing his old team, losing to them while being at home, made the sympathy only grow. Then, the late game came upon us and our 1 goal lead dissipated as quickly as our top seed in the western conference position. We weren’t exactly playing the New York Red Bulls here, or a playoff team at all. This was not fun to watch at all, which might be why the crowd was so sparse...

Would really like to know what the average ticket price was for this game. Although, as FCD fans, we shouldn’t be laughing at their crowd seeing as our FO literally gave away free tickets to anyone who had an email account that the ticket office had on file for our final home game of the season just to get it sold out. Maybe Colorado should try something like our FO? Maybe they did and this was the result possibly? No idea.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “What, from the bottom of my heart, the f***.” Yeah. Playoffs are going to be a hoot and a holler.

Is it still weird for you seeing Kellyn Acosta in a non-FC Dallas jersey? Are you worried about our three-game losing streak going into the playoffs, or our seemingly inability to put away a higher percentage of our chances? Have you seen an emptier stadium while watching MLS? Let me know in the comments below!